New Bjork Album announced

A new album by Bjork was announced on my newsfeed with a link to pre-order, so I thought I’d do the as I have all her others and all of the Sugarcubes, I am a bit of a fan boy without doubt. There is absolutely no information on the Bjork site, The vinyl is £23.99 plus postage and this is the image:


I’d actually rather like it if it was completely white with no writing whatsoever, but I doubt it will be.

You can pre-order here if you would like your own copy.

Apparently Bjork has referred to this as her ‘Tinder’ album, with ‘Vulnicurna’ having been her break up album and the video director who looks to be working on Images for the new album, Andrew Thomas Huang, has said “This album is gonna be really future facing, I a hopeful way that I think is needed right now.”


There is no release date for the album, to teaser tracks, images, nothing, just the more above. In many ways it matters not, it’s a new Bjork album and I would buy it regardless as, having seen her live, almost 30 years after I first heard her as I walked into a record shop in 1988, I am as captivated as ever.

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