I was scrolling through my wordpress reader (which I do check quite regularly) avoiding all posts related to the Oscars or Trump, and I scrolled to this post from the ‘Stationary Travels’ blog:

The post contained a few words that peaked my interest, Tokyo, composer & sound producer for film, stage, and television and Akira, which is an Anime that I really love. I went to my digital music provider of choice and had a listen to the album ‘One Day’.Thanks ‘Stationary Travels’.


Well, I was instantly captivated by the sparseness of the recording, how gentle it was, wistful even. Keys can be heard being pressed, piano pedals maybe, movement, making this recording of improvisational piano solos seem personal somehow, as though Kosemura is at the piano in the corner of the room playing for you while you gaze out of a window, lost in the moment.

it was recorded in one afternoon, played on an old piano at his family’s home which he has played since childhood. The result is music that is not afraid of space, of silence or needs to raise itself above a whisper, such is the confidence with which it is played, and it does have the feel of improvisation, just a guy playing his family piano, playing it wonderfully, for an audience of one.

The album was mastered by Mandy Parnell, a British engineer who has worked with Bjork, Aphex Twin, Max Richter etc.


1. pale
2. serena
3. foe
4. yuha
5. mizet
6. whit
7. frea
8. famile
9. luna
10. acari

I have a vinyl copy on order from Schole which I plan to listen to while sat in a rocking chair with a nice cup of tea, really, I mean it, Earl Grey.

This discovery feels like the on-line version of crate digging, browsing around, finding something that peaks your interest, listening to it, loving it, buying it. It’s not quite the same as asking the guy in the shop to give a record a spin so you can have a listen, but it’s not a million miles away from that.

I’m on about my sixth digital listen now and I love it a little more each time.

That Special Record: ADELBERT VON DEYEN – Atmosphere

I’m a bit behind at the moment and haven’t played any vinyl for 4 weeks, not a single record has been on the turntable, I’ve been all digital for 4 weeks. The reason for this neglect is that, as a family, we adopted a shit and piss machine. Said machine is the subject of the picture below:


Don’t be fooled, he’s a menace. He calls himself Orwell and he has made it his mission to to disrupt my life in as many interesting and varied ways as possible. So not many records played, his fault. While he did arrive around Christmas time, please don’t worry, I’m a firm believer in ‘a dog is for Christmas not for life’.

He is why I have not had an opportunity to mention my vinyl subscription to ‘That Special Record’ since the beginning of December. I believe he knows this and finds it all rather amusing.

So, Decembers record from ‘That Special Record’ was ‘Atmosphere’ by Adelbert Von Deyen. As is quite common, I knew nothing about this, literally nothing, I didn’t know either he or the record existed. Bearing in mind that I do like good Tangerine Dream (I emphasise good because not all of it is) and have referred to them positively here several times in the past, this album is a logical choice to send to me, and I do rather like it.



A1 Time Machine
A2 Silverrain
Atmosphere Part I
A3a Sunrise
A3b Altitude Flight
A3c Astralis
Atmosphere Part II
Ba Skywards
Bb Spaces Of Infinity
Bc Crystal Clouds
Bd Voices Of Infinity
Be Dawn

Further Info:

  • Remixed At – Star Studio Hamburg
  • Mastered At – Star Studio Hamburg
  • Recorded At – Studio Norgaard


  • Composed By, Performer [Played By], Recorded By, Arranged By, Mixed By, Producer, Liner Notes, Design, Keyboards, Synthesizer – Adelbert Von Deyen
  • Drums – Wolfgang Zabba Lindner (tracks: A1, A2)
  • Mixed By [Remixed], Mastered By – Lars Hidde
  • Painting [Cover] – Urs Amann


  • Recorded August 1979 to June 1980 at Studio Norgaard.
    Remixed and mastered at Star-Studio, Hamburg.
    Originally released 1980 on sky041
    (P) + (C) 2016 bureau B under exclusive license from sky records

From what I’ve read this is regarded as Von Deyen’s best work by many, and yes, while it is very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream that does not mean it is a second rate copy. It stands up well in it’s own right although, personally, I do think it tails off a little and I prefer side A to Side B.

Here is a classic synths on the beach image of Adelbert which was a requirement back in the late 70’s/early 80’s to have any credibility at all.


I’m sure that there are people out there who will throw around terms like ‘Classic’ regarding this album, but I think you had to be there listening to it at the time to feel that way, the best I have to offer really is, I like it.


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