Image-1Verian likes music, this is obvious, what isn’t quite so obvious is his ridiculous notion that writing about himself in the third person somehow makes what he writes seem more important, the fool.

He does not currently have a beard.

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Man! Great blog – scanned and read a few. Nice album choices and spot-on reviews.
    I collected many, many soundtracks from the ’60s and ’70s back when they were new and recently new – Morricone was/is a favorite – would have loved to see/hear that concert!

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  2. Hi there and thanks. Morricone was wonderful, but it has presented a problem in that there is so very much to collect!

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  3. Hey. Thanks for checking out the blog. I see I have some work to do on your takes. Lots to look at. I’m going to pop in quick on the Morricone and come back later to check more things out. Verian? Whats the story on the name?

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  4. Hi there. My name is Welsh, named after a second cousin I think, because my Mum liked the name, I’ve almost no idea what it means though, possibly nothing!


  5. Your Mum picked a cool name. I’m watching a Welsh show right now ‘Hinterland’. Not bad for tv. The cinematography is beautiful. Like I said I will be checking out more of your writings. Always looking for new sounds and reminders of familiar ones.

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  6. Hinterland is great and yes, the cinematography is lovely. I like a slower paced drama, probably after years of watching Morse!

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  7. Terrible album covers is a work of genius. Thank you so much. Nearly laughed my tits off.
    Have since ‘You Tubed’ Chad Morgan….Its like looking in the mirror.

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