70 Minutes (+ or – 2)

Who doesn’t love a good mixtape? I know I do, or rather, I did. I don’t even have anything to play a tape on nowadays. I used to have a Walkman, although not and actual Sony, I had JVC about 5 years after the Walkman first came out but regardless of manufacturer they were extraordinary things. The ability to walk around listening to music is rather taken for granted nowadays, but way back in the day it was revolutionary, and that revolution continued through CD’s, minidiscs and mp3’s. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though, what I’m looking to do with 70 Minutes (+or – 2) is to produce and receive CD size mixes that are 70 minutes long (+ or – 2 Minutes), that I can play in my car on the way to and from work, maybe even double CD mixes (though both would be 70 minutes long (+ or – 2 Minutes).

There is no reason for doing this, why should there be? It’s just because I want to, perhaps you do to.

The first one is coming soon!

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