I’m not around on Thursday night to broadcast live so I’ve done a live recording of a show which can be listened to here:
Do have a listen if you have time and maybe leave a comment there to let me know how much, on a scale of 1-10, you hate it.

FTLOV Radio – A recorded show, have a listen.

I am not around on Thursday night to broadcast a show live so I have recorded one live, which is down below in three parts. Why three parts, just for file size really as it’s almost 3 hours long. I’ll be taking these files down at the weekend so do take the opportunity to listen before then if you have time, and do comment just so I know I’m not shouting into a vacuum!

SHOW 3 no longer available to stream

FTLOV Radio – This Thursday (28/01)

I won’t be available to do a live show on Thursday, so instead, I’m recording a live show tonight which will be available to play here (at on Thursday 28/01 at your leisure.

It will be just as full of pauses, stutters, erm’s and uhm’s as usual for that real lack of professional sounding DJ’ing that one should have now come to expect.

I’ll post again on Thursday from my phone when it’s ready to listen to.


FTLOV Radio – Take it over for 30 minutes!

Submit your playlist!

Take over FTLOV Radio for 30 minutes with tracks of your choice. Submit a playlist of around 30 minutes in length and have your own 30 minute segment, with the songs you love to listen to.

I will comment on the selections during the broadcast and if I hate them I will say so, but on the plus side I’ll also say so if I love them.

Just use the form below.

Please visit if you can’t see the form.