FTLOV Radio – A recorded show, have a listen.

I am not around on Thursday night to broadcast a show live so I have recorded one live, which is down below in three parts. Why three parts, just for file size really as it’s almost 3 hours long. I’ll be taking these files down at the weekend so do take the opportunity to listen before then if you have time, and do comment just so I know I’m not shouting into a vacuum!

SHOW 3 no longer available to stream

4 thoughts on “FTLOV Radio – A recorded show, have a listen.”

  1. Hi Verian, just been listening to your musical choices in part 1. As someone who’s musical knowledge is very patchy post ’70s, I enjoyed your selection. No problem with speech either – very clear!


  2. Fabulous, thank you. I should do a 70’s special soon. You’re welcome to choose 30 minutes of tracks if you’d like to (although this is the 70’s, it could be one track!). Thanks for listening.

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