Show 15 – 2020

33 1/3 Radio: Show 14 – Alternative 80’s

Like most of the 33 1/3 radio shows I play mostly what I’ve been listening to since the last show, this time I play what I was listening to in the 80’s as an annoying teenager and on in to my annoying twenties.

33 1/3 Radio: Show 13 – Reggae

Nearly 3 hours of Reggae tunes, interupted only by some idiot.

33 1/3 Radio – Show 12 – Funk and Soul

At last, what nobody has been waiting for! A new radio show episode!

33 1/3 Radio – Show 11

Well, this got out of hand a little. So, as I previously mentioned, this show uses only records from my own shelves which I’ve cleaned and then played, linking my amp directly to my computer. This took a while, but the main issue is that I didn’t really take note of how long it was going to end up being. It was a bit of marathon and runs for just short of 5 hours. The longest show yet I should think.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and here it is:


Radio Show

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to put an episode of the radio show together, although part of the reason is because I wanted to use my actual records rather than mp3 rips from the internet. I’ve found a way to do this I think, in fact I’ll find out later today as I’m waiting for the small piece of equipment to arrive so I can try it out. Using my actual records will mean it will take even longer to put a show together, however, I think I’ll be happier with it.

So this is the thing I’m waiting for:


  • High-quality usb audio interface connects your turntable, cassette
  • Transfer and restore your valuable vinyl records and tapes to your computer via a simple usb connection
  • Massive software bundle includes audacity vinyl restoration, noise-reduction, editing and recording software, comprehensive podcasting software and over 150 virtual instruments and effect plug-ins
  • Revolutionary energyxt2.5 compact music production software included with feature-rich audio/midi sequencer that loads almost instantaneously on all computer platforms
  • Phono input switchable to line input source

This allows the phono outputs on the back of the amplifier to be connected directly to a mac book, or at least I think it does. I did do some research and I think it will be ok. This will allow me, hopefully, to use the records I have, pops and crackles and all, and will allow for some extra bits an pieces as well which will make things more interesting I think. We’ll find out soon enough when I get to grips with everything.

So that’s that, just a little update.

33 1/3 Radio Show Episode 10 now available!

It is over there on the right or at the main page here

Strap in, it is a long one!


33 1/3 Radio Show 9 Now available

It is over there on the right or at the main page here


Radio Show 8 Now Available

It’s over there on the right, or you can find them all here:

33 1/3 Radio

Comments always welcome from either listener.

Radio Show 7 Now Available

Show 7, over there on the right or here



Re-Imagining the charts – Episode 1

In one of the recent 33 1/3 radio shows I re-wrote what I thought should have been the Mercury Music Prize shortlist, and I rather enjoyed it. It took my way back to the days when the pop singles charts mattered, to me at least, and I would moan at the injustice of one single being more popular than another, did the record buying public have no taste!? Why in gods name are people buying the second Kajagoogoo single? This I have never understood, from a musical point of way at least, as it’s shit:

I hope you didn’t bother watching that.

So in this occasional series I’ll be looking at the official UK charts and moving them about a bit to create a new top 10 based entirely on my own opinion with absolutely no thought to anybody else’s. Counting down the charts from 10 to 1 i’ll tell you what I kicked out and where the replacement actually sat in the charts on this day. Sometimes controversial, actually quite often, as what I think is disposable is another persons classic.

So, let’s get on with it.




33 1/3 Radio show 6 now available

You can play it over there on the right or go HERE.

Feedback always welcome, and free money.


Radio show 4.

A whopping 2 hours and 54 minutes. Complete with show notes here:

Radio Show 3 Now Available!

Go here:

Because that’s where it is.


It’s down here:

or up there in the menu.

Show 1 is still there as well.

33 1/3 Radio last chance to listen


33 1/3 Radio – Show 1

It’s coming down soon

33 1/3 Radio – Show 1 now live

Press play to listen!

And here we go with the first of 33 1/3 radio shows going live for one week. At the end of the week it will be replaced by show 2 but there will be both Apple and Spotify playlists of all the tracks included, available when the show is replaced.

It’s the first show I’ve done for quite some time, and it’s recorded live, so I was a bit rusty but I think it went ok. Let me know if you manage to find the time to have a listen.



Radio Show moves closer.

I have everything set up on the Mac and just received these:


Which were well reviewed and fairly cheap (I am only one of those things) and I have quickly tested, they work. So I have already selected the songs for the first show and now just need to do some bits and pieces and then record it. Both of my regular listeners will be ever so pleased.

It will not be streamed live this time, my plan is to upload the show and have it live for a week, then it will be taken down and replaced with the next show. For the first show every track is on a shelf in my vinyl collection.

Oh, and you can subscribe to a newsletter for reminders, track lists etc. HERE should you wish to, no spam, promise.


Thirty Three And A Third

I’ve had a bit of a change by upgrading my account and removing ads. I’ve also changed the template so it all looks a bit different. This also means I can upload audio and video directly, so I’ll have a go at that at some point.

I’m hoping to stream a weekly radio show again when I get the equipment sorted. Getting the equipment sorted is actually more difficult than I would like, the soundcard on my laptop is completely dead and the cost of replacing it is about the cost of a new laptop so I haven’t bothered, however, I have one of these:



And it should do the job, I just need a headset mic to replace the one I misguidedly bought last week (it’s bluetooth, the lag is ridiculous).

Also, I have changed the title of the site to ‘Thirty Three And A Third’ complete with a domain name, so now gets you here.

Show 7 Playlist

Show 7 was heard by the smallest number of listeners I’ve had so far, which was a shame as it had some music that I really liked and really wanted to share. Never mind though, because here is the playlist section from Thursday, give it a listen:

Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
DARKSIDE – Metatron (Music Video)
FKA twigs – Lights On (Live on KEXP)
Purity Ring – heartsigh
Le Couleur – Femme
Flying Lotus – Coronus, The Terminator
Forest Swords – The Weight of Gold
Lower Dens – Société Anonyme
Nina Simone – Feeling good (Nicolas Jaar edit) “Nico’s feeling Good”
Nicolas Jaar – Encore
Shlohmo – Put It
Baths – Aminals
Moderat – Reminder
Prefuse 73 – Still Pretending
Shigeto – Pulse
Burial & Four Tet Feat. Thom Yorke – Ego HQ
Nosaj Thing – Aquarium
Tokimonsta – The World Is Ours
Nu – MAN O TO (Original Mix)
Fujiya & Miyagi – Flaws
Giraffage – Tell Me
Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught
Matthew Dear – Shortwave
The Bug – London Zoo – Poison Dart ft.Warrior Queen
The Juan Maclean – Happy House

It’s extremely unlikely that there will be a show 8 any time soon as, while I really do appreciate the time given and feedback from those that have tuned in, to see the number of listeners decreasing week on week tells me I’m doing something wrong. I had hoped to see it increasing of course. I may just look into producing a weekly download that people can listen to whenever they like as having to listen at a set time every week is restricting, I know, it is for me as well.

I’ll have a little think about it and see what I can come up with.

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