This next re-design of terrible album covers is rather famously bad and always turns up. I actually saw a copy in my local record store and I really do wish I’d bought it, but I didn’t, it would have been an Irony purchase, I’d have only ever played it once, if that.


This is by far my favourite of the ones that I’ve done and it took the least amount of time, but, for me, it really works and I have no doubt that if I saw it in a rack of used vinyl it would peak my curiosity and I’d pick it up to see what it was.


That’s all I have for now but may do some more if I feel up to it. I’ll even take suggestions!

You may not agree that the re-designed covers are better than the originals and, again, I am not the greatest at photoshop, but I’m rather pleased with them.

Update: I found a video clip of Orion and then remembered I’d heard him before, he sounds a lot like Elvis, and there was a time when a lot of people thought it actually was Elvis releasing records under an assumed name. Here he is:

The album is on Apple Music and it’s actually a pretty good listen, he was much better than the album cover suggested.


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