The Worst Made Slightly Better: Jayson Lee (1)

I’ve been unwell for about ten days and as a result have not been able to make my way to work. This has left me almost terminally bored so I set myself up in a super comfy position with a graphic tablet and did a little photoshop work. I don’t claim to be an expert at it, however, I did feel that some of those covers that repeatedly appear categorised as ‘The Worst’ could do with a re-design.

I’ve seen a few classic albums re-designed in a different style and they are fabulous, a way higher standard than I can achieve, but the basic materials I’m working with are so bad that it doesn’t take so much skill to improve them, or at least I think I have managed to do so.

The first is by Jayson Lee, here it is:


I like minimalism and I do love those old graphic designs on Jazz albums, so I’ve tried to emulate that somewhat. Anyway, here is Jayson Lee re-imagined.


Well, if I was crate digging I’d pick it up to have a look.



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