What’s in the bag? (66)

There was a record fair in Leamington Spa today, which I didn’t know was happening, but having stumbled upon it I had to go in. I bought 10 or 11 albums, the last of which, just before I had to leave was this:

I remember well the first single, ‘Just Like Starting Over’, and thinking it was OK, and then, of course, three weeks after the release of the album, Lennon was shot in New York. I was walking into town from school at lunch time and I met somebody coming the other way who told me Lennon was dead. For some reason, my response was to say, “I’ll light a candle tonight”, which is really not the sort of thing I would normally say or do, but I think I may well have lit one when I got home from school.

Upon it’s release the album really wasn’t well received by the critics, but over the coming months the majority did a U-Turn, which is a crappy move really. The album is a musical dialogue between husband and wife, and it’s pretty good overall. I know that Yoko Ono’s own work is not to everybody’s taste but I’ve always quite liked a lot of it. The truth of it is that I like the three tracks that were taken as singles, ‘Just like starting over, ‘Woman’ and ‘Watching the wheels’, but the album itself is doesn’t really stand up as the grammy award winner it was in 1981, I think a lot of that was down to sentiment more than anything. After a 5 year hiatus from recording it was definitely a really good first step on a return to recording and releasing music, but, perhaps, there was more and better to come.

It’s a Near Mint copy and it cost me £3.00, so I really should be happy, and I am.

6.75/10 (yes, ratings now have decimals!)

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