Joan Armatrading is cheap

I don’t want to go on about it too much, except I am probably about to, but the price of used Joan Armatrading vinyl is ridiculously low. I currently have nine albums and one 12″ single, here they are:


9 of the above cost me £1 each and one, the self titled, cost me £3. A total of £12. The reason they are so cheap, I think, is twofold, a lack of demand and a lot of availability. Obviously this is good for me as it means, because I appreciate her songwriting and delivery, that I don’t have to spend too much, but I genuinely believe that more people should look back and maybe appreciate just how good some of the songs were and maybe pick some up themselves.

I am not crusader for her by any means, but when I listen to the eponymous album I can’t help but wonder why every home doesn’t have one, it is filled with such great songs. Here are is a collection of tracks from some of the albums above, they really are worth a listen.

As a side note, on the recording of (I love it when you) call me names she had a killer all star band, Peter Gabriel’s bass player Tony Levin on bass guitar and drummer Jerry Marotta plus Genesis’ touring guitarist Daryl Stuermer on slide and rhythm guitars and King Crimson veteran Adrian Belew on lead guitar solos. Stewart Copeland plays on the album it’s taken from as well.

Ok, one last attempt just in case I have failed so far, ignore the video images below, just listen to the song, it is a beautiful piece of writing and composition:

Sinking, caught up in a whirling motion
Such a strange sensation
The currents uncertain
Like sails of a mill I spin

Like wheels I move in a circle
While you stand on the bank
Immune or evasive
Throw me a lifeline, save me

Intimacy and affection, frozen
In this game of chance I forfeit
Full hand of love with no counters
Like a moth with no flame to persuade me

Like blood in the rain running thin
While you stand on the inside, looking in

Save me, inside looking in
Complete in yourself
Throw me a lifeline, save me

Do yourself a favour, that is all.