Gary Numan Last Night

Good gig last night, Dave enjoyed it and loved the venue. It was a mix of new and old numbers, the encore being ‘down in the park’ and ‘are friends electric’ which went down well.

The new single was good and Numans daughter, Persia, came on to sing as she does on the single. It was a nice moment, some of which is in the short video below that I took on my phone. (Edit – Couldn’t upload mine so here is a much better one from youtube (Edit 2 – Playlist of 5 tracks from the night))

There were some songs from the new album, so I didn’t know those, but they sounded pretty good, which bodes well for the upcoming album release. I had a look at the merchandise and there was a triple album called ‘Obsessive’, I saw the price and enquired no further, £80 for a three record set is more than I was ever going to pay.



Everything Comes Down to This
Bed of Thorns
Ghost Nation
We’re the Unforgiven
A Prayer for the Unborn
Here in the Black
My Name is Ruin
(Performed with his daughter Persia)
Pray for the Pain You Serve
Love Hurt Bleed

Down in the Park
Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

P.I.L – The Assembly, Leamington Spa

I saw P.I.L in June this year at the O2 in Oxford, I was underwhelmed, partly my fault as I was a bit under the weather, but it also felt like a lackluster performance to me. Despite this, I bought tickets for local venue, The Assembly, and went last night. It was an entirely different experience. From the first note to the last everything was on point.


One thing I have come to realise is that an Iphone is possibly the worst camera you can use at a gig as it seems to spend most of the time focusing, and you have to take the picture in the split second it is focused before it goes on another focusing cycle of blurry, blurrier, blurry, a nanosecond of sharp (ish) and then off again on the blurry cycle. There were people in from of me with Android phones and their images loo

I managed to stand at the front, off to one side but I had a brilliant view and plenty of space among the 600 or so people who were there, capacity being 1000. The band took to the stage and launched into a blistering version of Albatross, with Lydon seeming so much more energised than at the Oxford gig, and the sound quality was better as well (and the temperature, the O2 is bloody hot). This is the link to my previous update The Beat/P.I.L – O2 Academy, Oxford

I took a little video, not much as my battery was running very low but it gives a taster at least:

The Set List was something like this:

Double Trouble
Know Now
This Is Not a Love Song
Deeper Water
Death Disco
The One
The Body
I’m Not Satisfied
Open Up / Shoom

Don’t hold me to it though as I wasn’t writing it down at the time.

All in all it was a really good gig, although audience participation was a bit lacking, the fault of the audience rather than the band as we were all a bit old to be honest as clapping along for more than 30 seconds made our arthritis flare up. I did something that could be loosely identified as dancing, some might called it swaying and head nodding, I call it dancing, and I sang along quite a bit.

img_3992Oh, I also bought some overly expensive merchandise, a mug, for a £10 note. I would have bought a T-Shirt that said ‘T-Shirt’ on it, but I was £5 short, so a mug had to do. In case you weren’t aware, this whole concept comes from a P.I.L album called ‘Album’, which in CD form was called ‘Compact Disc’ and in cassette form was called ‘Cassette’, all in the same font and colour scheme. It’s the album from which the single ‘Rise’ was taken, which was quite a hit back in 1986

This merchandise doesn’t seem to be on the official web site so maybe it’s tour only, which would be nice, although I’d still quite like that T-Shirt.

Well that’s annoying

About once a month I have a look at what’s on at my local music venue, this is it:leamington-assembly-4

Although those carpets make you feel like you are wearing velcro shoes now, they are so sticky, anyway, it’s The Assembly in Leamington Spa, a really good venue that holds about 1000 standing souls and  bit less if they put the seats out. So there I was having a look through and if I see a new band I’ll have a listen to them to see if it sounds like something I might want to go and see live. This time I saw ‘Three Trapped Tigers’ were playing, never heard of them but I really liked what I listened to, very much my sort of thing, post-rock-electronic might be one way to classify it, if you had to.

That was yesterday, today I decided to buy a ticket, only to discover it’s the same night Public Image are playing, for which I already have a ticket. It’s at the same venue but they have a smaller space downstairs called the ‘Zephyr Lounge’. I’m really very disappointed now as I had started to get quite excited about it.

It would have been very much like the video below, ah well, maybe I can sneak in for a bit when there isn’t anybody looking.