All the way back in 2006

I was just looking at an album on Bandcamp and remembered I had a login for the site, so I did just that and up popped an album I put there in 2006, I’d completely forgotten it was on there. The album was recorded with a single Fender Telecaster and consists of very short instrumental pieces, which is why it’s called ‘Miniatures’. It was quite well received at the time by the few who listened to it.

Here are the release notes written by Robert Nunnally:

“Miniatures is both a concept and a recording format for this album. The album is the attempt to capture those moments of childhood existing o300x300nly in memory which, when recalled, cause a slight tightening of the chest at the realisation of things lost, and to capture the beauty of those moments in sound. These small moments, pristine in their imperfection, give rise to a reverie this album seeks, in a small way, to capture.

These tracks were recorded very quickly, with dead notes and interference left in for the most part. Each piece is by design a miniature in the way of childhood–with the good and the imperfect all part of the memory.

Each first successful take was kept and used, regardless of whether the central heating boiler or the washing machine decided to take the exact wrong moment to start up and cause clicks to the audio recording. This working process involved the use of only one instrument, in this case an old Fender Telecaster that has been damaged over the years. Some parts have been replaced, others repaired so that the way it plays appeals. The joy of creation lies in part, in the idea of the restriction. No other instrument was used.

Miniatures seeks to open again the doorway into the pristine imperfection of childish things. We hope you enjoy this reverie”.

I also have an album called ‘Massive’ somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out.

I’ve been thinking recently about doing some more recording, just for my own enjoyment, but taking into account the many different musical influences that I’ve absorbed in the last 10 years, less guitar, more keyboard, in the Electronic/Ambient field I suppose. If I get around to it I’ll put it up here for free listening, probably.

Edit: I just found this from Massive: