Vinyl Vault – Cheltenham

A couple of weekends ago I visited Cheltenham and stopped in, for the first time, in a basement record shop called Vinyl Vault. The picture below makes it look bigger than it really is, but there was a great selection and I found three albums that I was really pleased with.


There were a couple of albums that I asked if they had and they looked and didn’t, but I’ve been in shops where you just get a grunt, the chap in Vinyl Vault wasn’t like that at all, really helpful and welcoming.

So the three albums I found were –


Double red vinyl in excellent condition. I’m not absoluelty sure what it is about Poliça that I like, I just know I like them. Here is a track from this album, ‘Warrior Lord’:

The next album I stumbled across in Vinyl Vault was this one, which I had been considering buying from Amazon, it was in my basket and had been for a couple of weeks I just hadn’t pressed the button to buy it:


In excellent condition again, which one would hope for as it isn’t very old.

And finally, a lovely copy of ‘Spirit Of Eden’ by ‘Talk Talk’, a re-issue but I don’t care, it’s a brilliant album:


At the till I got a small discount, £3 to make it a round number, which was nice and all in all I’d say my 45 minutes in Vinyl Vault was a very positive experience.

On the way back to the car I walked through a shopping mall and, much to my surprise there was a HMV. Now I’m not really a big fan of this chain but I did pop in and when I popped out again I had three more albums. These are they:


A nice day out, but more expensive than I was intending!

Crate digging at home

I don’t have enough shelf space at the moment and what I do have has collapsed a few times so I keep a chunk of albums inside a a hollow, two seater, wooden chair. Here they are:


I’m not sure how many are in there but best guess would be 150 or so. Today I picked out a few I haven’t listened to for a while but, as I have a few days off work, thought I would pop on the turntable again and become re-aquatinted.

This is what I picked out. My copy of The Pixies – Surfer Rosa is a bit knackered but it still plays:


I have a few Elvis Costello in there but picked out Armed Forces, mostly because the cover is so good:


I haven’t listened to Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers for quite a while so that was picked out, it’s a brilliant album of course and I’m not sure why I put it in the box:


I haven’t played Joni Mitchell – The hissing of summer lawns for years, so that on is going to get a spin:


and, finally, Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring, another beautiful cover:


In case you were wondering, Talk Talk was played first, listening to it now.


Side 1, Track 7:

Total Run Time: 29:00

Talk Talk: Life’s What You Make It: 4 Minutes 29 Seconds: 1985


Having given a great deal of thought to what to choose next I gave up and chose this, because I like it, and although I never had the 7″ I do have a vinyl copy of the album, ‘The Colour of Spring’. Oddly enough I think I just thought of the next track, well that’s a surprise.



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