Discogs Decides

The Discogs App random record selector today chose this:


So that is exactly what I am listening to because I am obedient and do what I’m told by simple computer programs.


A1 Redshape Instrument (Redshape Remix)
A2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Brown Eyes Remix)
B1 Lee Gamble Brainwash (Lee Gamble Reconstruction)
B2 Dark Sky (2) Translate (Dark Sky ‘Psych’ Remix
C1 Vril (2) Paralyzer (VRIL Remix)
C2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Blue Eyes Remix)
D1 Dark Sky (2) Translate (Dark Sky “Pressure” Remix
D2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Black Eyes Remix)
D3 Beatrice Dillon Infinity (Beatrice Dillon Remix)

Secretly Canadian RSD 2017 release.

Suuns ‎– Images Du Futur

I was absolutely sure I’d written about this album before, but I checked, and it appears I haven’t. I think I was confused because I’ve spoken about it on the radio show. Well, it is an omission I’m very happy to resolve.


‘Images du Futur’ is Suuns’ second full length release, from 2013, but I only really discovered it at the beginning of the year having stumbled across one of the tracks during a random listening session online.

Opening track “Powers of Ten,” lays out a sort of manifesto for the whole record in it’s opening lines: “Got it together/I read in the paper/all of theses strangers/stranger and stranger…/No, no, no, no, how you try and remember/how all of these pieces/all fit together.

Obviously the above is a live version and it is probably better to start with the studio version, but I like this one so that’s why it is there. Just in case you think it was just noise then do try this instead, if you are unsure (it is a bit seizure inducing as a video though so don’t watch if your susceptible):

Suuns are a bit odd. They have produced an album that is dark, it is at times discordant and yet harmonic, which shouldn’t be possible as they are opposites of each other. It is also laden with hooks, sometimes barbed sometimes not but they are present even in what seem to be their most noise filled tracks.

So what do we know about the band? Suuns are Canadian, hailing from Montreal. They formed back in the summer of 2007 when vocalist/guitarist Ben Shemie and guitarist/bassist Joe Yarmush got together to make some beats which quickly evolved into a few songs. The duo was soon joined by drummer Liam O’Neill and bassist/keyboardist Max Henry to complete the line-up. The band signed to Secretly Canadian in 2010.

The first release from the album was Edie’s Dream, which had the accompanying video:

The Line of Best Fit describes the album: “Images Du Futur is exciting in a way that few albums manage to be, dangerous and compelling like a first cigarette or fumbled sexual encounter, and nothing here quite seems real: these ten tracks exist in a half-light, a nocturnal fog a step removed from lucid thought. And a long, long way from anything routine.”

I’d tend to agree with that.


A1 Powers Of Ten 2:52
A2 2020 4:14
A3 Minor Work 5:54
A4 Mirror Mirror 3:56
A5 Edie’s Dream 4:20

B1 Sunspot 4:37
B2 Bambi 4:57
B3 Holocene City 4:54
B4 Images Du Futur 3:34
B5 Music Won’t Save You 5:56

Rating: 9.0

Here is a whole live set, just because I happened to find it:

Your F***ing Sunny Day (Episode 32)