George Duke – A Brazilian Love Affair

Recommended by Dave, if I have this story straight then Pete, Dave’s ever so slightly older brother, there’s maybe a couple of months difference between them, he may even be his younger older brother, had a copy of this album, which Dave copied for art class. We were talking about Stanley Clarke the other night and the topic of George Duke understandably came up, I mentioned I had The Clarke / Duke Project album but wasn’t that keen on it on first listen, which is when Dave recommended this one, he was right to, it is entirely different to The Clarke / Duke Project, infused as it is with latin flavours.

It is one of George Duke’s most well-known albums, but I’d never heard of it. For this 1979 album he travelled to RioDe Janeiro to collaborate with several local musicians and vocalists, including Milton Nascimento, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira (I didn’t know who they were untilI looked them up).  Duke combines his jazz funk fusion styles with Brazilian influences, to create something truly memorable.

There is really only one thing that spoils it, and it is this:


That bloody CBS Nice Price sticker specifically designed to fuse with the cover underneath if not removed within 24 hours of application. Why the hell do people do this? Price tags are just as bad, some people leave them on for years and it is really bloody annoying. This particular sticker has been in place since 1983, 35 bloody years, it is never coming off without ruining the sleeve. I bought it online and in fairness it did say sticker on the cover,I wasn’t expecting one that bloody big though. Ahhh well, no matter, ultimately it is the record itself that is important and this one play nicely, bit crackly in-between tracks, not too bad though, so I’m good with that.

Listening to it for the second time around right now and I’m rating it pretty highly: 8.8

Rugby Record Fair

I took a very quick trip to Rugby Record Fair at the town hall today in-between washing the car and doing some food shopping. It’s a small fair so that was OK. I did manage to find some things that I wanted so it was a quick but successful trip.

The first thing I bought was a Catatonia 7″ – Strange Glue which is a nice red vinyl complete with poster that I will never use.

I have entered a Catatonia 7″ collecting phase, this only makes 3 but they are quite cheap and I like them, so that’s good.

I picked up a couple of Stanley Clarke albums, which were also cheap at £4 each. I do like a bit of Stanley Clarke and they are generally not expensive so whenever I see one, or two in this case, I’ll get them.

There was a stall with new, sealed albums all at £10 but there were only a couple I was interested in, and I only got one, which was Odelay by Beck. I’ve been meaning to get a copy for ages so this was fortuitous.


Finally, a bit of XTC. I used to have 3 or 4 XTC records but I sold them at some point and now, like many other people, I find myself looking to replace what I sold. The only one I had before today was Black Sea. The ones I got today I only had on CD though so this is a first time having the actual LP’s. I watched, for the 2nd time, an XTC documentary the other week and it got me all enthused again. I bought Beeswax – the B Sides just so that I could have both as, even when I had it on CD I only actually listened to the Singles album. They were great songwriters though so I will give it some time.

Loads of tracks I could have chosen for these, but this one is just brilliant writing from the Murmur album, So this one it is.

The Listening List

17/11/2016 – 22/11/2o16

A mixed bag so far this week, and they weren’t neccesarily in this order, but these are they:

The Clash – Sandinista
Steely Dan – The Royal Scam
Carmel – The Drum Is Everything
The Future Sound Of London – Environments 6
The Stranglers – No More Heroes
Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue
Stanley Clarke – Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
Roger Goula – Overview Effect