Kraftwerk – Oxford New Theatre

I made 8 attempts to buy tickets for Kraftwerk at the New Theater Oxford just now. This took 52 seconds, and then every ticket was sold.


There has to be a better way, 52 seconds, it’s ridiculous. The site allowed me to select the tickets I wanted, press ‘buy tickets’ and then it came back with a message that those tickets were not available, so I went for increasingly worse tickets and the same message each time.

So disappointing, but not unexpected.

I could go to a re-seller of course, but as the ID of the main ticket holder has to be shown I don’t know how this would actually work, and I’m not prepared to pay these sorts of prices:


This is, perhaps, why people miss out. There are people buying the maximum amount of tickets and then selling them on at a profit (if that is possible with these ones, I’m not so sure). Regardless, it’s annoying.