You Sexy M.F.

In June 2012 I wrote the following facebook post:

For reasons that are still unclear, I am listening to the entire Prince studio album discography today (excluding soundtracks and live ect.) I feel I’m punishing myself for something, but having had the idea pop into my head yesterday in a “Why climb Everest” moment, I am underway, I may not make it, if I don’t then please tell my family I love them.

I’m going in.

and in I went, all the way, including those soundtracks that I initially excluded. My memory of it was that I listened to them all, almost in order of release as I went back to Graffiti Bridge at some point, and that it was a creative downward trend from ‘Symbol’, with occasional peaks. Every album though had something to recommend it, there was always a moment, a turn of phrase, a whole song that made the album worthwhile, but at times there were difficult listens.

I have anything released after June 2012 to listen to, because, sometimes I am a completist. I will listen, and then, quite unexpectedly, I will be finished. There will be no more and despite my negativity about much of the later material, somewhere in the musical appreciation corner of my mind I still believed that there was another album coming that would bloody well blow my socks off. I can not even begin to explain how utterly delighted I was with this album:


Opening with the extraordinary ‘My Name is Prince’ and immediately followed by the brilliant ‘Sexy M.F’ and on and on, track after track, pure gold but, for reasons I’m not sure I can explain as they are a mystery to me, I never bought another. I was waiting for one more brilliant album though and I believe there would have been one if he had not so unexpectedly died.

On that, I heard the news, I’ve seen it all over the internet, but it won’t sink in, I am genuinely in almost complete denial about the whole thing. Not intellectually, but emotionally.

My heart refuses to feel, believing that if it does then it will be true.


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