The Discery

I found myself in Birmingham yesterday on an unplanned dress shopping trip, not for me but for Pip. I managed to duck out about 4 hours in and visit a used vinyl store that had been on regional news a few weeks earlier, it’s called ‘The Discery’ and has been there just short of forever, apparently. It was a 12 minute walk from the Bull Ring and easy to find. 

I was, if I’m honest, somewhat disappointed with what was in stock, not because of the volume, there was loads, but because there wasn’t much in my area of interest. I did manage to pick up three albums in nice condition but only one of those was I really looking for. I did get rather over excited when I found a copy of ‘The Tumbler’ by John Martyn, until I saw the price tag of £150. If anybody had been watching my expression they would have seen first joy and then despondency in the matter of a second. 

The vast majority of the vinyl there is old, things like ‘The Buddy Guy Orchestra’ or ‘Mario Lanza’ not my thing at all, but I did enjoy flicking through several racks, and the smell of the place, and the people were nice. 

I bought a self titled Robbie Robertson album, Fellow Hoodlums by Deacon Blue and Presto by Rush. For £20 I was quite pleased with that. 

Here’s some pictures of the place:


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