Record Fair – Leamington Spa & What’s in the bag? (14)

I was in town today and was surprised to see that there was a record fair at the town hall. I’d checked the website last week and there was no mention of it, no matter though, I popped in and went a bit mad! I like a bargain and gravitate to the ‘All albums a pound” or “5 for £20” sections. I ended up buying 21 albums today, 18 from the record fair and 3 new albums from HEAD. The 18 cost me about £60, and so did the three! That’s my budget for vinyl blown for a while.

Deciding which to listen to first is based entirely on what was at the top of the pile and it was ‘Porcupine’ by Echo & The Bunnymen. I was never big on them to be honest, I was much more interested in The Teardrop Explodes and, after reading the Julian Cope autobiography, Head-On, I was even less keen on them as they were often painted in a somewhat negative light, however, I could not help but like ‘The Cutter’ which opens this album.


I’m on Side 2 at the moment, and if I am being completely honest, this album holds up a lot better than much of the Teardrop stuff. I have listened to it on MP3 several times before but Vinyl is a different experience. It’s bloody good.