POTW 5 (12/12/19)

Spinning 45’s

I have been playing some 45’s this evening, it’s more effort than chucking an album on but I rather enjoyed it anyway, it’s like a mixtape of sorts I suppose. Some of the 45’s were picked up in a couple of job lots and I’ve just found time to play them, they all play fine, which is good.


Before playing anything I had to make some adjustments to the equipment. The family decided they would put a record on while I was at work. I’d left it set at 45 rpm and they put on a 33 1/3, Damn by Kendrick Lamar to be exact, and couldn’t figure out why it sounded so odd. In an attempt to fix it they pressed the Loudness button and the Muting button on the amp, adjusted the Balance and the Bass. when that didn’t work they messed about with the settings at the back of the tone arm and took the weight off accidentally and couldn’t figure out how to get it back on. It took me 15 minutes to put it right, mostly because it took me ages to spot the muting button was pressed in.

Anyway, here is the pile of records that were played today. I made a spotify playlist of them, because I do that sort of thing, it’s here:


Haven’t played ‘Music for Chameleons’ by Gary Numan for a long time, the intro could easily be by Japan (Pino Palladino on bass seems to be the reason why). The B-Side (Noise Noise) features Theresa Bazar of Dollar on Vocals, it also has David Van Day listed as providing ‘Helpful Hints’, I think that can be translated as being a pain in the arse. Why Gary? Why? I didn’t play the B-side.

Looking at what I chose to play I think it fair to say that I am the DJ that nobody would ever hire twice!



The Shuffle

enlight24I decided to charge up my Ipod Classic today for the first time in a long while, over a year, maybe two. I can’t remember what is on it. I have a reasonable idea of course but I’ve completely blanked the disc and re-loaded several times in the past to remove a lot of spurious tracks that I never listened to, it’s a 120GB so it holds a lot of junk if you let it.

So I set it to Shuffle this morning and for absolutely no reason at all I began writing down the tracks it played, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done that, which is worrying. Anyway, as I’d taken the time to write them down I’m going to share them. There’s no editing or omissions in an attempt to look cooler, after all, I am either the coolest guy on the planet (according to my dog) or well past the age where being cool is a thing (ask anybody else other than my dog). Here we go then:

1 Rush – Closer to the heart
2 Pink Floyd – Breathe
3 Brian Eno – A measured Room
4 Phil Collins – Only you know and I know
5 Radio Head – The Bends
6 The Doors – LA Woman
7 Eluvium – All the sails
8 Zero 7 –Pepe Bradock WTF HPPND Remix (Today)
9 The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
10 King Crimson – Dicipline (Live)
11 Boards Of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
12 Massive Attack – Teardrop
13 Genesis – More Fool Me
14 Radiohead – Knives Out
15 Neil Young – Old Man
16 The Handsome Family – If The World Should End In Ice
17 Mogwai – Folk Death 95
18 John Martyn – The Glory of Love
19 Spiritualized – The Individual
20 The Cocteau Twins – Violaine
21 Four Tet – Aying
22 Genesis – The Knife
23 Lambchop – There’s Still Time
24 Sigur Ros – Rembihnutur
25 Mogwai – Wait For Aidan
26 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Lively Up Yourself
27 Bjork – Wanderlust
28 Nick Drake – Parasite
29 Henry Mancini – The Streets of San Francisco
30 Japan – Swing
31 Faust – Picnic on a frozen river, deuixeme tableaux
32 Future sound of London – High Tide on the sea of flesh
33 Tricky – Suffocated Love
34 Peter Gabriel – I don’t remember
35 Explosions In The Sky – Our last days as children
36 PIL – Attack (live)
37 Neil Cowley Trio – Lament
38 Mazzy Star – Flowers in December
39 The Sex Pistols – Seventeen
40 Ennio Morricone – A Fistfull of Dollars

That’s all.

Mix Tape: Volume 4: Side 1 & 2

This is a mix tape that I put together in 2010 and listened to a lot at the time, I called it ‘Dreamstate’ and made an image for the cover:


The tracks are split for a C90 cassette, so up to 45 minutes a side. I’ve used youtube this time, although they videos are mostly irrelevant, it’s not for watching but for listening.


1. Moonlit Sailor – Sunbeams (5:29)
2. Stafrænn Hákon – Járn (8:30)
3. Balmorhea – Bowspirit (5:17)
4. Audrey – Carving and Searching (3:19)
5. Ioseb – When The Bomb Hit The House Next Door (9:53)
6. God Is An Astronaut – Fall From The Stars (4:27)
7. Phantogram – You Are The Ocean (5:49)



1. The Album Leaf – Eastern Glow (6:06)
2. 65daysofstatic – I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (5:27)
3. Efterklang – Horseback Tenors (5:48)
4. Harmonia – Veterano (4:00)
5. Mew – White Lips Kissed (6:45)
6. Sigur Rós – Glosoli (6:18)
7. Sufjan Stevens – The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders (7:02)

Apple Music Link:



Your F***ing Sunny Day (Episode 32)

33 1/3 Radio – Show 1 now live

Press play to listen!

And here we go with the first of 33 1/3 radio shows going live for one week. At the end of the week it will be replaced by show 2 but there will be both Apple and Spotify playlists of all the tracks included, available when the show is replaced.

It’s the first show I’ve done for quite some time, and it’s recorded live, so I was a bit rusty but I think it went ok. Let me know if you manage to find the time to have a listen.



That Special Record – September

Another month goes by and another surprise arrives in the post. This month the album I received from ‘That Special Record‘ was ‘Verdaillon’ by ‘Saåad’. Why not press play below now before you read any further so you can hear exactly what I’m talking about.


Listening? Good, then I’ll begin.

This current incarnation of Saåad consists of Romain Barbot and Gregory Buffier, who were once part of the Toulousian post-hardcore scene and have produced about a dozen albums so far. I did not know any of this before the album arrived this morning, frankly, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as post-hardcore scene anywhere, which is one of the great pleasures of allowing somebody else to choose an album for you. As I am quite a few months in now I feel that I can trust Miguel at ‘That Special Record‘ not to send me anything bad as there isn’t a single release I’ve received that I haven’t liked, to varying degrees admittedly, but I’ve never not played an album multiple times and enjoyed the listen.

I find the back story of this album really rather interesting, and I’ll quote it from the official release: ‘ Upon invitation of the local Les Orgues festival, giving them access to the Puget organ located in the Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade, they composed an original creation that In Paradisum is proud to publish under the form of the album Verdaillon.’
My only frame of reference  for the music is the above paragraph and the sleeve of the album:
The front cover (above) depicts building works on a Monastery in Boulogne taken in 1954 by Henri Barbot and the back cover (below) depicts the 1926 collapse of a steeple on Eglise Notre Dame de la Dalbade taken on April 11th 1926.


As a result, through my own imagination or by design, I am transported to catacombs, to a room in the back of a church where there is water being scooped from a font, to the end of a service where a full house lays their bibles down on the pews in unison. Workmen repair something broken in an out of the way apse, monks, hoods up with faces hidden in shadow chant as an old but magnificent church organ sustains long chord changes. And then there is the ambience. It sounds almost ridiculous to me as I write it but much of this music is constructed around a church organ, an instrument I never thought would dominate any album I would ever own, but the sound of it, in it’s original setting with giant reverberations make it a powerful, dark, brooding thing at times, but at others it invokes all those memories of church services attended as a boy where everything was so very serious, and mysterious, to the child dressed up in his Sunday best and not knowing what was going on, only that it must be very important. At other times the organ is uplifting, spiritual even, bringing light to the dull lives of the listening congregation.

Puget pipe organ in the Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade

If you did press play a few hundred words back then hopefully you will, by now, hear exactly what I’m getting at. This is music that would sit comfortably as the score to a Gothic film thanks to it’s mood but although categorised as Dark Ambient, Drone and others, it doesn’t seem typical of those genres to me. It has a fullness about it, textures, layers and, with the field recordings, seems to be set very much in a place, in a way of life, that is fading still.
It isn’t for everybody but, to my surprise perhaps, it is for me. It’s been on repeat all day and each cycle presents something new for me to savour.I am not religious, and this is not religious music, but it is both spiritual and secular, simultaneously of yesteryear and of tomorrow.
1. Egregore – 2:26
2. Marsyas (Ad Lib) – 1:32
3. The Harvest – 7:07
4. Incarnat I (Subèrn) – 3:31
5. Opaque Mirror – 5:24
6. Incarnat II (1888) – 2:05
7. Eternal Grow – 6:01
8. Incarnat III (The Invisible Steeple) – 4:46
9 .Vorde – 7:50
Credits:music by Romain Barbot & Grégory Buffier .
Romain Barbot : grand orgue, aulos, vocals, grand orgue samples, field recordings.
Grégory Buffler : grand orgue, aulos, guitar, acoustic laptop, field recordings.
additional aulos on The Harvest by Patrick Faubert.
Grand orgue recorded by Patrick Faubert on 18th & 19th June, 2014 (Toulouse, France), additional recordings by Romain Barbot & Grégory Buffier (2014-2015).
mixed by Aurélien Prévost at BillyPan studio (2015)
mastered by James Plotkin (2016)

The Golden Hour – Playlist





Side 1, Track 3:

Total Run Time: 12:00

Julian Cope: Greatness & Perfection: 3 Minutes 15 Seconds: 1984



Taken from what is probably my favourite Cope album, ‘World Shut Your Mouth’, which doesn’t contain the song of the same name. This was the first release by Cope after the break up of The Teardrop Explodes and it could easily have been a Teardrops song.


See latest update

Mix Tape: Volume 1 – Side 1 – Track 2

Side 1, Track 2:

Total Run Time: 9:31

The Psychedelic Furs: Sister Europe: 5 Minutes 38 Seconds: 1981



My first introduction to the Psychedelic furs was with the release of ‘Forever Now’ back in 1982, which caused quite the stir amongst the circles I used to be a part of. I went backwards through ‘Talk Talk Talk’ and the eponymous debut album. There are a number of tracks that I could have chosen from these three albums, which is the best of their output in my opinion though I stopped listening to anything new by them in about 1987, such as ‘Dumb Waiters’, ‘Into You Like A Train’, ‘Pretty in Pink’ of course and almost anything from their debut. I decided not to choose anything from ‘Forever Now’, but instead plumped for ‘Sister Europe’ from ‘Talk Talk Talk’, then I changed my mind to  ‘Imitation of Christ’ and then back to ‘’Sister Europe’!


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The Mix Tape: Volume 1 – Side 1 – Track 1

I do love a mix tape, or a playlist as young people call it nowadays, so I thought I’d do an evolving one, adding tracks to it now and again until it is finished. I’ll use spotify and also try and have a video for each song to accompany it. To begin with, volume one, will be from my twenty’s, let’s call it ‘The Lost Years’. It will be a 120 cassette, so an hour each side, and we begin with:-

Side 1, Track 1:

Total Run Time: 3:53

Echo & The Bunnymen: The Cutter: 3 minutes 53 seconds: 1983



I used to have a bit of a downer on Echo and the Bunnymen (for those that don’t know, Echo was the drum machine), mostly due to a feud they had with The Teardrop Explodes, although I only ever read The Teardrops side of the story, well, the Julian Cope side of the story actually. I’d always liked this track, and ‘The Killing Moon’, but never explored their catalogue much further until a few years ago. I missed out. I should have not been such a bloody fool and let the music do the talking.


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Yeah, mmhhmm, yeah

Quite laid back, a 74 minute mix.

Banga – Playlist

Made for a drive to work the other day.

No Title (Except This One)


Gary Numan Set List The Assembly, Leamington Spa – 2011-12-07

ThePleasurePrinciple1Back at the tail end of 2011 I went to see Gary Numan at The Assembly in Leamington Spa. It wasn’t until over half way through that it was announced that two of the band hadn’t turned up, I hadn’t really noticed the absence, so they’d done a pretty good job. There’s a video below from that gig that somebody took and below that is the set list for that night.

PLAYLIST: Memory Bliss


Now that the NOW’s are out of the way for a while, here is a 72 minute playlist that I often listen to while using excel, I have no idea why exactly, it just sort of happens.



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