Top 25 Bjork Songs

Ahhh lists, entirely subjective lists, they are a thing, a thing I seem to be doing rather a lot lately, but what the hell, everybody loves a good list. So here is a list of the top 25 Bjork songs (at this point, it could be longer by the time I get to the end).

38 Náttúra – Biophellia
37 Black Lake – Vulnicura
36 It’s Oh So Quiet – Post
35 Moon – Biophellia
34 Lionsong – Vulnicura
33 Innocence – Volta
32 Cosmogony – Biophellia
31 Wanderlust – Volta
30 Virus – Biophellia
29 It’s In Our Hands – Vespertine
28 Stonemilker – Vulnicura
27 Mouth Mantra – Vulnicura
26 Triumph Of A Heart – Medulla

25 Cocoon – Vespertine
24 Alarm Call – Homogenic
23 Army Of Me – Post
22 The Dull Flame Of Desire – Volta
21 Unravel – Homogenic
20 Earth Intruders – Volta
19 Declare Independence – Volta
18 Hunter – Homogenic
17 I Miss You – Post
16 Crystaline – Biophellia

Björk photographed for her 2015 album, Vulnicura.
15 Oceania – Medulla
14 Who Is It – Medulla
13 Pagan Poetry – Vespertine
12 Hidden Place – Vespertine
11 Possibly Maybe – Post
10 Hyper-Ballad – Post
9 Venus (as a boy) – Debut
8 Human Behaviour – Debut
7 Bachelorette – Homogenic
6 Joga – Homogenic

5 Isobel – Post
4 Violently Happy – Debut
3 Big Time Sensuality – Debut
2 Play Dead – Debut (Extra Track)
1 All Is Full Of Love – Homogenic


Ok, so I went 10 over the 25, I did say something like that was going to happen, and it did. Damn, and even while writing the previous sentence I added two more, so it’s a top 37, which is perfectly fine, everybody loves a top 37.

Here they are in order, all 38,yeah, I know.

Now I know this top 38 is heavy at the top end with Debut, Post and Homogenic, which are three albums I am really very fond of, but I know as time moves on I begin to like Bjork albums more and more, I was disappointed with everything after Post to be honest, when they were released at least, but currently I’m still getting to know Biophellia and Vulicurna which, I have no doubt I will love at some point rather than just like, or appreciate.

Why is ‘All is full of love’ at number 1? Because it’s just a stunning song and it is the culmination of all that she did before and a pointer for the direction of her future at that time. I also remember the first time I saw the video, and she has been in some amazing accompanying videos, this one absolutely blew me away.

I have all these studio albums on vinyl, and a couple of interesting things in the post that I should be getting this week, ‘Bastards’ which is double vinyl remix of Biophellia and a triple vinyl of Joga, which is all remixes plus 4 other tracks, including the ‘Choice mix’ of ‘All is full of love.

By the time I press ‘Publish’ on this post, I will probably have re-ordered them in my mind, but I’m sticking with them as they are for now or I’ll be at it forever.


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