Record Store Day 2019 – I went

I decided to go after all but not early. The first person arrived at 10 PM the night before apparently and it’s a small shop so it takes ages to get people in and back out the door. I eventually wandered in to town at lunch time, arriving at Seismic around 1 PM to stand in a queue about 10 deep for 15 minutes before getting in, which was nice.

I was only expecting to get 1 of the records I wanted, as I was arriving so late and that was the The Future Sound Of London release as they never seem to sell that well around here.

This is what I wrote before RSD, for comparison, if you can be bothered. And the pictures of Seismic are lifted from the facebook page they aren’t mine. Anyway, I found my first pick right away, and it was this:

In 1986 iconic group The Future Sound of London released the UK Top 40 chart album “Dead Cities”, from which came a track “Yage”. Such has been the interest in this masterpiece of electronica over the years that the guys have been back into the studio to revisit it. Here, on this limited edition, individually numbered LP press exclusively for 2019′ s Record Store Day comes the results. “Yage 2019” takes the core of the original and rebuilds it. All together there are eleven tracks reconstructions and interpretations, woven together (as FSOL do) into a 42 minute dreamscape journey across the 2 sides of vinyl. Only 1000 copies of this release will be pressed on vinyl.

Which is exactly what I was expecting to find, so that was good. £27, not so good for a single album, but these things are always expensive on RSD. I then immediately found this:

First Release on Vinyl . Limited Numbered Edition on Transparent Red Vinyl. Italian director Renato de Maria’ s 2009 crime drama La Prima Linea (The Front Line) takes us back to the late seventies and the home-grown Italian terrorist cell of the same name. Based on the real memoirs of a Prima Linea member, Sergio Segio (played by Riccardo Scamarcio) the militant underground organisation employs violence to achieve their political ends and ultimately to attempt to free Sergio’ s lover, Susanna, from prison.The beautiful and melancholic soundtrack is instantly recognisable as Max Richter’ s work, making its debut here on vinyl for Record Store Day. Richter is a respected composer in his own right, having accumulated a large fanbase for his studio albums (Memoryhouse, The Blue Notebooks and most recently, Sleep). He has also won multiple awards and nominations for his soundtracks including Waltz With Bashir, Lore, The Leftovers and most recently Mary Queen of Scots.To accompany this release, Silva Screen have pressed a limited edition of Max Richter’ s “The Leftovers” on Transparent Red Vinyl which is currently available.

Also on my list, so I’d got 2, which means the day is going much better than expected rather quickly. And then a third from my list was right there in a box on the floor at my feet:

The Fall is the fourth studio album by British virtual band Gorillaz. The album was officially announced on 20 December 2010 as a holiday gift to fans. The Fall was first released on 25 December 2010 to stream for free on the Gorillaz website, only available as a download for paying members of the band’ s Sub-Division club, a premium access campaign the band ran throughout 2010. The album features fewer guest artists than previous Gorillaz albums; collaborators include Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash and Bobby Womack. 1 x 140g 12″ colour tbc (It’s green) vinyl album for RSD 2019.

So I’m happy at this point but conscious that the cost is increasing every time I find something. Still, I got 3 and didn’t have to get up early so, on balance, all is good. Then I found these:

Soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company, originally commissioned for Sigur Rós’ s Nordur og nidur festival at Christmas 2017. Choreographer Valdimar Johansson was granted access to unreleased Sigur Rós material, as well as multitracks of chosen songs from the band’ s catalogue, and personally created a score of high Nordic drama. “The best thing we’ ve done in ages,” said Jonsi on hearing Variations On Darkness for the first time. Vinyl exclusive to Record Store Day. Limited edition on black heavyweight 12″ vinyl. Spinned sleeve with printed with special inks.
Soundtrack to brand new dance work by leading Taiwanese choreographer Tsung-lung, being premiered in Taipei to coincide with Record Store Day. Cheng Tsung-Lung chose his favourite music from throughout Sigur Rós’ s career, which was then twisted, bent and broken, and finally added to in the band’ s Reykjavik studio to create a new perspective for the Cloud Gate dance company. Vinyl exclusive to Record Store Day. Limited edition on black heavyweight 12″ vinyl. Spinned sleeve with printed with special inks.

That was my budget blown, however, I had managed to obtain everything I set out to get with no real effort whatsoever. I didn’t even go to Head, the other record shop, because at this point I had no reason to. Then, somebody still queuing outside sent a question in to ask if the Olafur Arnalds album was still available, apparently it was and as it was 6th on my list if I could afford it (I couldn’t) I found it and got that as well (there was more than 1 copy so the guy outside would have got his). Then I stopped, because I knew there was more I could get and I really had completely blown my budget. But I was very, very happy to have everything I wanted.

Special Limited Edition of re:member – There are many elements that make this new exclusive edition of remember so special. Starting with the five different bespoke artworks – shipped at random across the globe – and including brand new never-heard-before recordings of Olafur’s incredible string quartet on a beautiful 7” LP. All of it inserted in a shiny PVC sleeve and available exclusively on this physical edition. This will truly be a collector’s item – try and find all 5 around the world! 

Stu, who runs Seismic, did a fantastic job under what are difficult circumstances for such a small space.

I almost bought the Suede album but it was just too expensive, £37 I think, but it was a triple. I was tempted by the Mighty Boosh as well.

All in all a good day.

Mercury Music Prize – Comment


alt-j – ‘Relaxer’ – Maybe
I quite liked this and it probably deserves a place on this shortlist, however, points off for including a version of ‘House of the rising son’. Why? Filler.

Blossoms – ‘Blossoms’
This is bollocks.

Dinosaur – ‘Together, As One’
This is great and a real find as I’d never heard of it. Jazz with some electronic flourishes, nice arrangements, not too much dissonance. I might buy this one.

Ed Sheeran – ‘÷’
I have no idea what this is doing here, it’s just Ed Sheeran being Ed Sheeran isn’t it? Yes, it sold bucket loads, but according to the prize itself: The main objectives of the Prize are to recognise and celebrate artistic achievement, provide a snapshot of the year in music and to help introduce new albums from a range of music genres to a wider audience. Now it does fall into the first two of those categories but not the last, and to be honest, I listened to it and I will be quite happy to live the rest of my life and never hear it again.

Glass Animals – ‘How to Be a Human Being’
This is OK, quite pleasant I suppose, not particularly ground breaking but it’s quite listenable.

J Hus – ‘Common Sense’
This is really very good, I like it. There’s autotune and then there’s creative autotune and where it’s used here it’s the latter, which I can live with. There’s some really good backing tracks and some good angry bits as well as plenty of melody. Yup, it’s good.

Kate Tempest – ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’
Nope nope nope. I saw her Glastonbury set and didn’t like it. This is poetry put to music and it hardly ever really works, certainly doesn’t here. Best of luck to her but it’s of not for me.

Loyle Carner – ‘Yesterday’s Gone’
This is very good, and there is an argument that can be made that this is also poetry over music in places as well, except that is a crap argument as this is an MC not a poet. I’d definitely recommend giving this a listen.

Sampha – ‘Process’
I heard some of this album on a car journey at the weekend and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all, I’d assumed it was Hip Hop, my bad, it’s not that at all. Sampha has a really interesting voice and I guess if you had to file in a genre you could easily go for Electronic.

Stormzy – ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’
So this is Grime, or that’s what I read. It’s actually pretty good, a bit angry in places but that’s ok. ‘Blinded by your grace’ is a beautiful thing and ‘Big For Your Boots’ is good.

The Big Moon – ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’
Pretty good. I don’t particularly feel there’s anything here that I haven’t heard before, but if you like indie pop, then you’ll find this to be a very good addition to your listening.

The xx – ‘I See You’
I’ve been unsure about The XX for a while, I sort of don’t know what they are, but listening to this album makes it clearer for me.  I can now be sure that it is not something I am a big fan of, but I can see the appeal.

If it were me then I would drop 6 of these at least, so for completeness I have to replace them. So this would be my list:
alt-j – ‘Relaxer’ – Maybe
Dinosaur – ‘Together, As One’
J Hus – ‘Common Sense’
Loyle Carner – ‘Yesterday’s Gone’
Sampha – ‘Process’
Stormzy – ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’
Kelly Lee Owens ‎– Kelly Lee Owens
Forest Swords ‎– Compassion
Slowdive – Slowdive
Roger Goula ‎– Overview Effect
Max Richter – Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works
Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

I’ll be playing a track from each of these on the radio show 5 when I get around to recording it.


Your F***ing Sunny Day (Episode 30)

The Listening List

31/12/16 to 19/04/17

I have almost 4 months to catch up on! Although I haven’t been able to listen to very many albums due to the arrival of Orwell, our new dog. Still, I have managed to get some in but nowhere near the amount I was listening to, so anyway, here goes with the catch up, the ones I remember at least.

Kelly Lee OwensArcaShort MovieFiligree & ShadowIt'll End In TearsLizardMonster MovieIn The Court Of The Crimson KingIcky ThumpWhite Blood Cells

The White StripesHeathenEP1Ooops (Remix)Elephant
Get Behind Me SatanI'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)They Fall, But You Don'tThe Spoils Stop Your Crying

CHECK OUT Serf RashNo Strength of SunLos DinosauriosOne Day

ReverseSakuraComputer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (EP)Three Worlds: Music From Woolf WorksOn The Nature of Daylight

Elwan Restless ShapesAuto MusicTour De FranceChristiansands

LifeformsISDNThe Boy And The TreeGrinning CatReflectionMigrationIllustrated Musical EncyclopediaThe Unforgettable FireDisappointedWarriorHyperballad (T. Tei / Howie B. Mixes)Hyperballad (Morales / T. Terry Mixes)A Shadow In TimeThe Lonely Passion Of Judith HearneSongs From The Other Side Of EmptinessExit

Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens
Arca – Arca
Short Movie – Laura Marling
Filigree & Shadow – This Mortal Coil
It’ll End In Tears – This Mortal Coil
Lizard – King Crimson
Monster Movie – The Can
In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson
Icky Thump – The White Stripes
White Blood Cells – The White Stripes
The White Stripes – The White Stripes
Heathen – David Bowie
EP1 – FKA Twigs
Ooops (Remix) – 808 State Featuring Bjork
Elephant – The White Stripes
Get Behind Me Satan – The White Stripes
I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) – Grace Jones
They Fall, But You Don’t – Mondkopf
The Spoils -Massive Attack
Stop Your Crying – Spiritualized
CHECK OUT – hornschaft
Serf Rash – Run Dust
No Strength of Sun – Isorinne
Los Dinosaurios – Personal Mythologies
One Day – Akira Kosemura
Reverse – Richard Pinhas
Sakura – Susumu Yokota
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (EP) – Aphex Twin
Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works – Max Richter
On The Nature of Daylight – Max Richter
Elwan – Tinariwen
Restless Shapes – Gajek
Auto Music – Brian Reitzell
Tour De France – Kraftwerk
Christiansands – Tricky
Lifeforms –  FSOL
The Boy And The Tree – Susumu Yokota
Grinning Cat – Susumu Yokota
Reflection – Brian Eno
Migration – Bonobo
Exit – Tangerine Dream
Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia – Ryuichi Sakamoto
The Unforgettable Fire – U2
Disappointed –  Public Image Ltd
Warrior – Public Image Ltd
Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness – Life Garden
Hyperballad (T. Tei / Howie B. Mixes) – Björk
Hyperballad (Morales / T. Terry Mixes) – Björk
A Shadow In Time – William Basinski
The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne – Georges Delerue

The Listening List

22/12/2016 – 30/12/2016

P.I.L – Live In Tokyo
Craig Armstrong – It’s Nearly Tomorrow
Adelbert Von Deyen – Atmosphere
Glitterbug – Dust
Max Richter – Sleep Remixes
Can – 
Ege Bamyasi
Deacon Blue – Fellow Hoodlums
Funkstörung – Funkstörung
To Rococo Rot – The Amateur View
Milan W. – Intact
The Cult – Sonic Temple
Björk ‎– The Music From Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 9
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things Volume 1
Four Tet – Pause
Gala Drop – II

The Listening List

Max Richter – Songs From Before
Future Sound Of London – Environments 6.5
Bjork – Bastards
Mike Oldfield – Platimnum
Vangelis – Spiral
Bob Marley – Exodus
Isaac Hayes – Joy
Isaac Hayes – Shaft
Isaac Hayes – Hot Buttered Soul
Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle
Can – Tago Mago
Vangelis – Invisible Connections
Vangelis – Albedo 0.39
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things Vol. 1

The Listening list – Yesterday

Who really has time for records? They aren’t portable, they get damaged, they are a bugger to store and they are expensive amongst other negatives. Well I do, for all the reasons that everybody should know, but here are mine as they may differ from yours:

  1. I have an actual artifact, a tangible thing that I can hold, look at, read, admire or dislike. I have something I can have feelings about.
  2. They sound better. They do, you can argue all you like about it, they do.
  3. People. I get to meet people, talk to them about music and hear their stories like the super rare Elvis single they sold for £5 as thye didn’t realise what they had and then saw one sold for £2000. Why they started a record shop, the rare things that they have had and sold. Gigs they’ve been to, new releases and all manner of topics that there are to chat about rather than becoming completely insular blocking out the world with headphones and all the music you might ever want inside a phone.
  4. Records create time. Which sounds like an odd thing to say but they do. I have to take a seat, or at least stay in the same room to listen to the record I’ve put on the turntable and that makes me productive, as I will usually do something while I’m listening rather than plonking my fat arse in front of the telly.
  5. They are potentially valuable. I’m not going to get much selling off an MP3, but my records, they have a resale value, and it’s entirely legal to resell them.
  6. There’s more, much more, but I can’t think of it right now.

Which brings me to ‘The Listening List’. It is often said to me about my vinyl collection, ‘But you can’t listen to them all?’ to which I must respond that yes, that’s true, but I can listen to a lot of them, and if I do want to listen to something, then it is there waiting for me. So the list, it is, quite simply, a descending dated list of vinyl records I’ve listened to, it’s a menu option, feel free to have a look whenever you like. I only started it yesterday but for the moment it seems like a good idea to me, so here is what I listened to yesterday:


Milan W. – Intact
Max Richter – Recomposed: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
Aphex Twin – The Richard D James Album
Ennio Moriccone – Moses Soundtrack

4 Albums: Number 4

Finally catching up with last Monday and getting to the fourth album I listened to.

I have quite a few albums released by Deutsche Grammophon, mostly old classical albums released in the 70’s and 80’s with composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the like, the Classic Classical’s I suppose they might be referred to as, but I have some new releases as well, one of which is ‘The Blue Notebooks’ by Max Richter. It was originally released in 2004 but mine is a 2015 180g edition, until I bought this I’d been listening to it digitally.


If memory serves me correctly I was introduced to it by my friend Andy McGough, well, I say friend, it’s more complicated than that, but let’s not go into that now. I suppose it must have been not long after it was released, so at least 10 years ago. There’s a modernity about the music, as one would expect, and to my ears it least, it bridges a gap between the classical and ambient and includes texts taken from “Hymn of the Perl” and “Unattainable Earth” by Czeslaw Milosz and “The Blue Octavo Notebooks” by Franz Kafka, translated by Ernst Kaiser and Eithne Wilkinsand read by Tilda Swinton. There are also sound effects, such as a clacking typewriter, which add to the piece and make it feel complete and self contained.

The music itself is has an air of nostalgia about it, but not in some rose tinted spectacles to the past way, it is laden with melancholy and is somehow forlorn as though a soundtrack to a really rather sad film.

Below is a not brilliantly filmed live performance at the Royal Albert Hall of the opening two tracks from the album:


A1 The Blue Notebooks 1:20
A2 On The Nature Of Daylight 6:11
A3 Horizon Variations 1:52
A4 Shadow Journal 8:22
A5 Iconography 3:38
B1 Vladimir’s Blues 1:18
B2 Arboretum 2:53
B3 Old Song 2:11
B4 Organum 3:13
B5 The Trees 7:52
B6 Written On The Sky 1:39
B7 Bonus Track: On The Nature Of Daylight

Arranged By [Composer’s Assistant] – Henning Fuchs
Conductor – Lorenz Dangel
Orchestra – The Max Richter Orchestra


Here is the whole album, which, obviously, I’d recommend listening to:

So that’s the 4 albums, all different, but all somehow connected, in my mind at least.

Fp-Oner with  “6” (2015)
Oval with “94Diskont” (1995)
Ennio Morricone with “Lizard In A Womans Skin’ (Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna) (1971)
Max Richter with “The Blue Notebooks” (2004)

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