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The third record from the Rough Trade subscription was probably my favourite so far, by Lump, and also the third in a row by somebody I’d never heard of, well, almost. Lump are Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay (founding member of Tunng). 

I actually received this last year but am just getting around to mentioning it. Also, my payment card expired so I haven’t received anything from Rough Trade for a while,  but I updated my details this week so something will be on the way soon. In the meantime I’ll try and catch up with the ones I have received.

I was reading The Guardian and it had this really good paragraph about the album (though not much longer you can read the rest of their review here)

With its piping flutes and stilted acoustic guitar, opener Late to the Flight is reminiscent of an old children’s TV theme tune; later songs are characterised by twinkling synths, twanging guitars and undercurrents of odd rattling. Over this backdrop, Marling sings about lucid dreaming, smiley-face T-shirts, yoga poses and all manner of psychedelic tropes without ever seeming hackneyed or overblown, her voice shifting between choral sweetness, sibilant sprechgesang and a throaty drawl. Whereas her solo work has veered toward Americana, here Marling sounds satisfyingly British both in delivery and lyricism – on Late to the Flight she calls someone a “tart”; May I Be the Light centres around a ditty about making beds that recalls Pam Ayres poems and the limericks of Edward Lear.

I had to look up ‘Sprechgesang’, apparently it is – a style of dramatic vocalisation intermediate between speech and song. Then I looked up ‘Sibilant’ – making or characterised by a hissing sound. Now it makes more sense. 

The hairy cover star is pretty cool and makes its way into both the videos made for songs from the album, presumably what amount to ‘Singles’ nowadays. 

In case you are wondering, the character in the video is virtual, created using motion capture of dancer Emiliano Larea. How they do this stuff with these newfangled computer thingies is really rather beyond me.

As with all the Rough Trade vinyl editions they are limited in some way, in this case, my copy is orange vinyl and very nice it is too. I remember seeing Lump on Jools Holland and thinking that it sounded pretty interesting but didn’t connect anything until I was looking through youtube and saw it again, which is what made that track instantly familiar when I first played the album. While on youtube finding the two videos further up the page, I stumbled across one I hadn’t seen which didn’t have the hairy fellow in it, so that was a bonus as it is new to me:

For completeness I’ve added the Jools Holland performance:

I have no idea if there will ever be a second album but this first one is a really interesting listen and I hope they do resurrect the project and put out some new work in the future.


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