Kenilworth Record Shop

Last week I popped into Kenilworth Record Shop, having not known it even existed until a quick google revealed it to me. It was the nearest on my journey to Coventry and back (I hadn’t been sent there, I chose to go) so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s down an alley and up an old stairs. inside there are three smallish rooms with lots of used vinyl. If you are after classic rock, soul, prog, a bit of reggae then they have loads. There was a small section of Indie, which is where I spent most of my time and found a couple of things that I was after. I also dug through the £1 section, which was a couple of hundred LP’s, and found 7 Toyah albums, I almost did, but I’d never listen to them so I didn’t.

The two Indie albums were both by This Mortal Coil on 4AD, which I’ve had in various guises over the years, Both on CD, one on cassette, but neither ever on vinyl:

It’ll end in tears

The first is the one with Elizabeth Frasier singing Song to the Siren with guitar by Robin Guthrie, the Tim Buckley song, and it really is a beautiful thing.

Here is the shop itself:


The other albums i picked up were:

Lizard – King Crimson

Monster Movie – Can

They were a reasonable price and I was given a bit of discount so all good. There were a few oher things there that I could have picked up, but like all used vinyl stores, I like to leave things and to give a bit of time before going back so that new stock has a chance to come in and maybe there will be a gem in there.

For a closer look there’s a video of the shop that they posted on facebook here:

and to close, here’s that track from This Mortal Coil: