There are a number of albums that I would really like, but they have long been out of print. I heard yesterday that two of these are about to be re-issued, which is wonderful news. Now I could still get the originals, but the prices are high and I’m quite happy with a re-issue to be honest, at least in the case of these two.

The first is one of four from Julian Cope, I have the other three. They are here if you wanted to take a look. The one I’m interested in is Jehovakill from 1992. The cheapest one available on Discogs is £70, and I’m never likely to pay that, so a re-issue including P & P at £30 seems much more my level.


Jehovahkill is the eighth album by Julian Cope, released in 1992. Its original version was titled Julian H. Cope. The album cover depicts the Callanish Stones, a site with a cruciform layout that predates Christ by at least 2,000 years.

A good companion read is Cope’s book, The Modern Antiquarian, or the accompanying TV program, which is all about ancient sites and is fantastically interesting. Just in case I’ll include the TV program below, but if it’s not your sort of thing that’s fine. Anyway, Jehovahkill, Peggy Suicide and Autogeddon are the golden age of solo Cope in my opinion. Just the right side of weird and odd, before careering off the road into the land of I’m not interested in listening so much to this new stuff.  In fairness, I am prepared to give 20 Mothers another go, and Interpreter but anything after 1996? Doubt it. Ok, this though, brilliant album.

The original album was three sided but this one is four sided:


Soul Desert
No Hard Shoulder To Cry On
The Mystery Trend


Up-Wards At 45º
Know (Cut My Friend Down)
Slow Rider


Gimme Back My Flag
Poet Is Priest….
Julian H. Cope
The Subtle Energies Commission


Fear Loves This Place
The Tower
Peggy Suicide Is Missing

The other album that is being re-issued is from The Future Sound Of London, and is one 81doqhfptkl-_sl1500_of only two albums of theirs that I really, really, really want (I have quite a lot already), the other being Dead Cities and this one being Lifeforms. It is re-released on January 26th on 180g vinyl. Lifeforms is considered to be a pioneering and influential classic electronic album – originally reaching No. 6 in the UK top 40 album chart. It is 24 years since this has been available on vinyl so it is about bloody time. I have the 12″ single, which is really a mini album and is brilliant with the contribution from Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins being sublime. There’s also the Cascade 12″, also wonderful.

I have never listened to the entire album, just what is on the 2 x 12″ I have, the reason being that I have been sort of saving it until I own it, which may seem a little silly, I could just stream it, but I don’t want to. I want to put it on the the turntable and listen to it.

I’m rather excited to receive it. I did actually find a copy of it at a record fair once, priced at £80 I think, again, I probably could have bought it but that is more than I want to spend on a single album. Getting it is easy now, it is available on pre-order from Amazon for £23.46.


01 – Cascade (6:00)
02 – Ill Flower (3:25)
03 – Flak (4:53)
04 – Bird Wings (1:30)
05 – Dead Skin Cells (6:51)
06 – Lifeforms (5:18)
07 – Eggshell (6:46)
08 – Among Myselves (5:53)
09 – Domain (2:48)
10 – Spineless Jelly (4:42)
11 – Interstat (0:55)
12 – Vertical Pig (6:45)
13 – Cerebral (3:31)
14 – Life Form Ends (5:03)
15 – Vit (6:48)
16 – Omnipresence (6:39)
17 – Room 208 (6:13)
18 – Elaborate Burn (3:15)
19 – Little Brother (5:13)