What’s in the bag? (18)

I had this onIMAG0572 cassette when it came out and played it to death. I’ve no idea if these are considered good remixes or not as each track is now so familiar to me that I wouldn’t be the best person to judge. I know that remixes are not everybody’s cup of tea, but they are a large part of what Bjork, in particular, is all about. Since early on in her solo career the 12″ singles would have remixes included, there would be multiple CD singles with different mixes, the album ‘Bastards’  consists of remixes from Biophilia (2011), which were all previously released on The Crystalline Series or the Biophilia Remix Series. There is also the majestic ‘Telegram’, which I have on CD and adore, the Deodato remix of ‘Isobel’ is worth the price of the CD alone, and the ‘Possibly maybe’ (Lucy Mix), well, I think I prefer it to the original. Voltaic was the dedicated Volta remix, which I don’t think I’ve listened to so I must, soon.

Back to the Sugarcubes, if you were not a fan of Einar Örn Benediktsson and his talky/shouty bits (I like them but they aren’t for everybody) these are toned down or messed about with in the remixes so if that’s what puts you off, give them another go in the ‘It’s-It’ incarnation. Listen via spotify below or watch the non-remix versions below that.