Jimi Hendrix

I have only ever owned 4 Hendrix records, I’ve had some CD’s and some cassettes over the years, but only 4 actual records and I’ve lost all of them along the way so there is a void in the H section of my shelves that really needs something in it.

I saw a job lot online of 6 albums and, well, I bought it. They worked out at £5 each and in that job lot were 3 of the 4 albums I owned.


The ones I had were Isle Of White, Band of Gypsies and Cry Of Love or, if you are looking at the picture, top left, bottom left and bottom right. The missing one is War Heroes, which  I must now find to get back to where I was 25 years ago. I had Cry of Love/War Heroes as a double album in a gatefold sleeve, I may have given it to my brother, I forget.

I’m listening to Cry of Love now and it is much better than I remember it. I seem to recall always being a bit disappointed with it and War Heroes because it didn’t have any of the songs I knew on it, but now I know a lot more of them and Cry of Love is really very good indeed. I wish I could have enjoyed it more when I originally had it as I probably would have kept hold of it.



A1 Freedom (Backing Vocals – The Ghetto Fighters) 3:24
A2 Drifting (Vibraphone – Buzzy Linhart) 3:46
A3 Ezy Ryder (Backing Vocals – Chris Wood, Steve Winwood, Drums – Buddy Miles) 4:09
A4 Night Bird Flying 3:50
A5 My Friend (Bass – Noel Redding, Harmonica – Gers) 4:40

B1 Straight Ahead 4:42
B2 Astro Man 3:37
B3 Angel 4:25
B4 In From The Storm (Backing Vocals – Emeretta Marks) 3:42
B5 Belly Button Window 3:34

I played Isle of White a lot in my teens, not least becasue it was a time when I could still enjoy a good drum solo, which is not the case so much anymore, anything over 2 minutes and I tend to get a bit bored.

It was from this album that I learned to play Foxy Lady (well, I say learned, I could play the main riff and that was about it) and All Along the Watchtower which I always played in a style more akin to Hendrix than Dylan.



A1 Midnight Lightning
A2 Foxey Lady
A3 Lover Man

B1 Freedom
B2 All Along The Watchtower (Written-By – Bob Dylan)
B3 In From The Storm

I’m looking forward to putting this one on the turntable and giving it a spin after all these years just to see if the drum solo is as long as I remember it to be and whether I can resist skipping it.

[Update: The record was filthy and I had to give it a good clean, it plays lovely now. Drum solo approaching, I’m drying the dishes so I will probabaly manage to get through it!)]

[Update 2: Drum solo wasn’t very long at all, guess I was thinking of something else]

Band Of Gypys I always really enjoyed, though I’m not entirely sure why,  I think it was because I’d read somewhere it was all new material with what was to be his new band, had he not died. And the article, if I’m remembering it right talked of a new direction, so I was open to that.



A1 Who Knows 9:34
A2 Machine Gun 12:38

B1 Changes 5:11
B2 Power To Love 6:55
B3 Message Of Love 5:24
B4 We Gotta Live Together 5:51

Here is an excerpt of Machine Gun

The other albums I know little about, they are:

Crash Landing (1975)



A1 Message To Love (Voice – Buddy Miles) 3:14
A2 Somewhere Over The Rainbow 3:30
A3 Crash Landing (Voice – Barbara Massey, Linda November, Vivian Cherry) 4:14
A4 Come Down Hard On Me 3:16

B1 Peace In Mississippi 4:21
B2 With The Power (Voice – Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix) 3:28
B3 Stone Free Again 3:25
B4 Captain Coconut (Percussion [Slinky] – Jimmy Maeulen) 4:06

Midnight Lightning (1975)



A1 Trash Man 3:16
A2 Midnight Lightning 3:52
A3 Hear My Train 5:18
A4 Gypsy Boy (New Rising Sun) 3:51

B1 Blue Suede Shoes 3:28
B2 Machine Gun 7:27
B3 Once I Had A Woman 5:44
B4 Beginnings 3:02

Nine to the Universe (1980)



A1 Nine To The Universe 8:45
A2 Jimi/Jimmy Jam 8:04

B1 Young/Hendrix 10:32
B2 Easy Blues 4:30
B3 Drone Blues 6:16

I will not be going mad and trying to collect everything ever by Hendrix as there is so much out there that it probably couldn’t be completed in a lifetime, but I will be looking out for them a bit more now, particularly War Heroes and the official albums that were relapsed while he was still alive.