Vinyl Wall App

I use an Android phone and have started using it to keep track of my vinyl. The reason for using it is because I have found myself buying records that I actually already have, which is dumb I know, but it has happened twice now.

The app I’m using is called Vinyl Wall and their site is here:

It’s available for Android and Iphone and I’m finding it to be pretty good. Here are a couple of screen shots I took on my phone:



– A easy to use interface for managing and editing your collection and wish list
– Collect your records using our extensive (and clever) search database
– (Almost) all records comes with a record cover
– Follow your friends and other collectors
– Tag the record store where you bought your record
– You can access your collection from any Android/iPhone device with your VinylWall account
– Rank up with our VinylWall badges
– Share your records with friends and family

Adding albums is easy using a standard search function, although it is necessary to occasionally go for artist and album as your criteria. You can also add albums that aren’t in the database so everything is pretty much covered. The only flaw I’ve found with it is the inability to multi-select. To expand on this, let’s say I search for Bjork, I will get offered up all the Bjork related releases the app finds and I select ‘Post’, I then say what format it is, condition and some other options, including adding my own picture. I then add it to my collection. To add ‘Volta’ I have to search for Bjork again, including typing the search criteria in all over again. It would be so much better if the app were able to let me select everything at once.

One thing it does do, although I haven’t tried it as yet, is export your collection to a spreadsheet and send it to you via e-mail, which seems quite a handy thing to do.

It is a good app and I’ve no doubt it will stop me from the idiocy of buying records I already own.