Vinyl Filing/Storage Dilemas

First things first, I need a vinyl storage solution. I’m currently using a two shelf unit that was in the garage for two years waiting for me to get around to taking it to the recycling centre along with a bookshelf that was fine but is now a bit knackered from the weight it’s carrying. I’m not looking at anything bespoke, that’s lovely but far too expensive so I had been looking at something from IKEA. Apparently EXPEDIT was the way to go but IKEA
kallaxstopped making that range in 2014. The replacement was KALLAX, which seems a little expensive at £40 for the one pictured. I think I’d need at least three to house the records I already have and another to be sure and for a little future space, so £16o, not a kings ransom and it will have room to put my turntable and amp on top of it. If you look at the picture below, you can see I’m struggling for space, not just for vinyl but my amp is hanging of the edge of the shelf top.

If anybody happens to now of a good cheap place to get vinyl storage in the UK then I’d be delighted to hear from you.img_3864

The second challenge I face is re-ordering all these records (in case you were wondering there’s roughly 1000). Now I know alphabetical is the most common option but I have a mix of old an new records, but also a mix of records that I like now and records that I liked years ago that I rarely listen to and I don’t want to mix the two together.

I also have a section that I’m listening to now, so a transient, ever changing shelf of records that I’m currently listening to. I like this. I sometimes flick through my records, well, I say flick, there’s not much room for that but I go through them and find something I haven’t heard for ages and it gets played and ends up on the transient shelf for a while. For the overall sorting of the records I am also conscious of genres, I have a lot of Post Rock, that would be good together, I have, amongst many genres, Electronic and Ambient, Krautrock, and Soundtracks for example, oh, and classical. Now your basic Alphabetically by band/artist name results in such travesties as Kiss sitting next to Kraftwerk (I don’t actually have any Kiss albums on vinyl but theoretically I could have) and this just won’t do. So do I put the Kraftwerk in the Krautrock section? No, because I don’t think of them as Krautrock, I think of them as Electronic. What do I do with Radiohead? I have Trip Hop, I can put Tricky, Portishead and Massive attack together for example, but where exactly do I put Bjork? For me it’s a dilemma. Soundtracks are tough too. ‘Atomic’ by Mogwai or ‘Les Revenants’ is a soundtrack, but it needs to stay with the other Mogwai albums, same with Explosions In the Sky. There must be a logical system that would satisfy my own personal and probably quite annoying requirements.

I really would like some kind of logic applied so that I can find things more easily as, at present, bands are generally lumped together, but not always. Max Richter is a good example, his reworking of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ is in with a big chunk of other Deutsche Grammophon records, but the ‘Blue Notebooks’ isn’t. It’s maddening. I need a plan, but most of all I really need to avoid becoming this guy: