The Mix Tape: Volume 1 – Side 1 – Track 1

I do love a mix tape, or a playlist as young people call it nowadays, so I thought I’d do an evolving one, adding tracks to it now and again until it is finished. I’ll use spotify and also try and have a video for each song to accompany it. To begin with, volume one, will be from my twenty’s, let’s call it ‘The Lost Years’. It will be a 120 cassette, so an hour each side, and we begin with:-

Side 1, Track 1:

Total Run Time: 3:53

Echo & The Bunnymen: The Cutter: 3 minutes 53 seconds: 1983



I used to have a bit of a downer on Echo and the Bunnymen (for those that don’t know, Echo was the drum machine), mostly due to a feud they had with The Teardrop Explodes, although I only ever read The Teardrops side of the story, well, the Julian Cope side of the story actually. I’d always liked this track, and ‘The Killing Moon’, but never explored their catalogue much further until a few years ago. I missed out. I should have not been such a bloody fool and let the music do the talking.


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Record Fair – Leamington Spa & What’s in the bag? (14)

I was in town today and was surprised to see that there was a record fair at the town hall. I’d checked the website last week and there was no mention of it, no matter though, I popped in and went a bit mad! I like a bargain and gravitate to the ‘All albums a pound” or “5 for £20” sections. I ended up buying 21 albums today, 18 from the record fair and 3 new albums from HEAD. The 18 cost me about £60, and so did the three! That’s my budget for vinyl blown for a while.

Deciding which to listen to first is based entirely on what was at the top of the pile and it was ‘Porcupine’ by Echo & The Bunnymen. I was never big on them to be honest, I was much more interested in The Teardrop Explodes and, after reading the Julian Cope autobiography, Head-On, I was even less keen on them as they were often painted in a somewhat negative light, however, I could not help but like ‘The Cutter’ which opens this album.


I’m on Side 2 at the moment, and if I am being completely honest, this album holds up a lot better than much of the Teardrop stuff. I have listened to it on MP3 several times before but Vinyl is a different experience. It’s bloody good.