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Who is Brian Reitzell? Good question, until last week I had absolutely no idea but I saw an album called ‘Auto Music’ by the man himself and it was super cheap, at £6, so I took a chance with it. Sometimes these things pay off, and this one did, massively, because I bloody love it!

So who is he? Well, he has contributed music to a fair few films and TV series, which you can see here if you are of a mind to: IMDB. According to Wikipedia ‘He is notable for working extensively with the American film director Sofia Coppola’, which is nice. The films in question are The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette & The Bling Ring. Apparently he is a member of the (side project) synth pop band TV Eyes alongside Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. and Jason Falkner, but I hadn’t heard of them either.


Auto Music is his only solo album, which was released by Smalltown Supersound on June 17, 2014. The opening track, Last Summer, doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the album as, thematically, it’s all over the place, and has been described as Reitzell lacking his own voice. I don’t mind that as I like the voices he borrows. ‘Auto Music’ for example is a direct nod to Kraftwerk and elsewhere there is a bit of Cluster, both great influences to have. In a world of recycled music, where most new releases sound like what has gone before, it is best to make sure that what you do is at least good, and not just lazy recycling, which Reitzell manages to do with this album. It’s very listenable and, to my mind at least, an absolute bargain at £6. There are also touches of Post-Rock floating about, which for me, is a very good thing indeed.


Last Summer 8:29
Ozu Choral 2:52
Ozu 7:02
Gaudi 7:24
Auto Music 1 9:42
Beehive 2:24
Oskar 5:09
Honeycomb 4:37
Auto Music 2 6:24

Below is Auto Music 2, which is where the Kraftwerk comparisons have been made, which I can hear, but it fells to me much more of an influence than anything and it does seem to me to have it’s own voice.

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