Re-Imagining the charts – Episode 1

In one of the recent 33 1/3 radio shows I re-wrote what I thought should have been the Mercury Music Prize shortlist, and I rather enjoyed it. It took my way back to the days when the pop singles charts mattered, to me at least, and I would moan at the injustice of one single being more popular than another, did the record buying public have no taste!? Why in gods name are people buying the second Kajagoogoo single? This I have never understood, from a musical point of way at least, as it’s shit:

I hope you didn’t bother watching that.

So in this occasional series I’ll be looking at the official UK charts and moving them about a bit to create a new top 10 based entirely on my own opinion with absolutely no thought to anybody else’s. Counting down the charts from 10 to 1 i’ll tell you what I kicked out and where the replacement actually sat in the charts on this day. Sometimes controversial, actually quite often, as what I think is disposable is another persons classic.

So, let’s get on with it.




More money was spent on vinyl albums in the UK last week than digital downloads

Sales of vinyl records have rocketed in the last few years, and last week the UK saw the vinyl revival break new ground. More money was spent on vinyl albums than LPs purchased digitally, that is according to The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), who represent multimedia retailers across the country.


Around £2.4 million was spent on vinyl records last week, presumably boosted by Christmas gift buyers, as opposed to £2.1 million that changed hands in regards to digital downloads. Compared to the same period last year, vinyl album sales have doubled.

Last week saw Kate Bush’s live album Before The Dawn top the Official Vinyl Albums Chart, with more fans choosing to pick up the collection on vinyl rather than on a digital format.

Big albums stocked in a variety of supermarkets such as Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix 1 also performed strongly to boost total sales for the market, while Busted fans picked up their new album Night Driver.

Snatched from:

Of the top 5, numbers 2,3 & 4 are available at Sainsbury’s supermarket, I’ve seen them, I even bought one from there (Curtis Mayfield – Super Fly – Orange vinyl exclusive to Sainsbury’s!) . It would seem that one of our biggest supermarkets is having a major impact on vinyl sales, however, never forget the store you got your vinyl from before the big guns stepped in, I won’t.

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