Top 20 Sister of Mercy Tracks

Tricky one this as, like always, these tracks can shift positions on a daily basis. I have all three albums on vinyl and a few 12″ singles left after I sold a load of vinyl off several years ago and I have one bootleg which has a lot of the tracks from the singles I no longer have. I loved the first album and still do. Anyway, this is how they stand today:

1 Marian

2 This Corrosion

3 Walk Away

4 Lucretia My Reflection

5 No Time to Cry

6 Temple of Love

7 More

8 Vision Thing

9 First and Last and Always

10 Black Planet


11 Doctor Jeep
12 A Rock and a Hard Place
13 Dominion/Mother Russia
15 Under the Gun
16 Alice
17 Nine While Nine
18 1959
19 Body and Soul
20 Dominion / Mother Russia