Charity Shop Adventures – This is ridiculous

The last time I posted about charity shop purchases was August 17th 2019, which is roughly 3 months ago. I just checked and since that time I have picked up another 324 CD’s, which in itself is ok, except I don’t really have anywhere to put them. I’ve been looking for some shelving units to buy but they are either ridiculously expensive or extremely poor quality, none of them can store the quantity I need them to, like this:

These hold 84 CD’s so I need at least 18 of them (That;s £575, and I probably don’t have the wall space to put them up or the desire to drill 50 or so holes in the wall)

There are lots that will hold around 1000 but all of them have negative reviews of some sort, although several positive as well. Like the one below (£160), recesses at the end of each shelf where 6 CD spines can’t be seen, which doesn’t worry me that much, but negative reviews around assembly instructions being sadly lacking put me off a little. This one holds 1060, although 120 of them can’t be seen because of the recesses.

I’d like to custom build something that would perfectly fit the space and accomodate everything, however, I am shit at DIY so that’s a non starter.

Would this put you off buying something?

Yeah, me too. I’m going to have to have a think and figure something out.

2:54 – 2.54

I saw this album on CD in a charity shop and picked it up as part of a 3 for £1 deal. I was intrigued by the complete lack of information, I wasn’t sure if 2:54 was the band name or the album name, turns out it was both.

they are an alternative rock band from London comprising sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow. In mid-2010 they formed 2:54. The bands name stands for two minutes fifty-four seconds into their favorite Melvins track, “A History of Bad Men”. This makes no sense to me at all but names have to come from somewhere I guess.

They first came to public attention in 2010 after putting one of their demos online. Their debut single, “On a Wire”, was released in 2011. The sisters were joined for live shows in 2011 by bassist Joel Porter and drummer Alex Robins. Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2012.

The line up following are: Collette Thurlow on guitar and vocals, Hanna Thurlow on guitar, Alex Porter on bass and Alex Robins on drums.

On the way back from town I popped the CD in the car stereo and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. It has a lot of the elements that I like in Indie rock and was far more accomplished than I’d been expecting. I was reminded of bands like Ride, Curve, Lush and others from that musical arena. It was the song above, ‘Scarlet’ that I probably liked most on first listen, so if you haven’t already, press play and try it for yourself.

The track ‘You’re Early’ has strong hints of Garbage I think, mostly in the vocal delivery at times:

They must have had a reasonable promotional budget behind them back in 2012 when the album was released as there are several videos accompanying the album, well, at least 4:


You’re Early
Easy Undercover
A Salute

For me, the album is great value at 33 British pennies and a copy can be aquired for about £3 on Discogs Marketplace

Stina Nordenstam

I went to the local rubbish tip last week and had a quick look through the stack of CD’s they have there that people were going to throw away as landfill. Amongst the Westlife, Boyzone and Robbie Williams CD’s, which are going where they belong, was ‘The World is Saved’ by Stina Nordenstam, which was a delightful surprise and a bargain at £0.50p

Ive been listening to Nordenstam since around 1998 when I heard a cover version of ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince. I was rather taken by the fragility of her voice and various tracks by her ended up on several mix CD’s that I used to listen to in the car (before MP3 playlists).

She was born in Stockholm and, as a child was greatly influenced by her father’s classical and jazz music collection. Early comparisons were made with artists like Rickie Lee Jones and Björk. Her early albums, ‘Memories of a Color’ and ‘And She Closed Her Eyes’ were jazz-influenced with elements of alternative rock. 1997’s ‘Dynamite’ began a more experimental path—most of the album was filled with distorted guitars and unusual beats. A 1998 cover album, ‘People Are Strange’, followed in the same vein. In 2001 Nordenstam went with a more pop-influenced sound on ‘This Is Stina Nordenstam’, and features guest vocals from Brett Anderson. Nordenstam’s 2004 album ‘The World Is Saved’ continued the path set on This Is…, but presents a more realised sound and acknowledges her earlier jazz influences.

‘The World Is Saved’ is her last album release, 15 years ago in 2004, so I’ve no idea what she is up to now. The last thing she seemes to have been invloved in musically was back in 2007 with David Sylvian’s band ‘Nine Horses’.

The voice that Nordenstam uses on her official releases is a voice she chooses to reveal as, though it may seem juvenile at first, and tentative, it is quite deliberate, she is more than capable of much more than she allows the listener to hear but she uses her voice to help tell the story of the words she is singing, with long pauses at times that can be quite unnerving.

This is Stina Nordenstam is the first of her albums I bought, but it was both the Purple Rain cover and that of The Doors – People are Strange, that first brought her to my attention. Nordenstam doesn’t do many interviews and often disguises herself with wigs and suchlike and this has had a twofold effect, on the one hand she has to a degree, protected her anonominity, and on the other, it has restricted her success. From what little I do know of her, I suspect she would be just fine with that

The choice of cover versions on People Are Strange is an intersting one, here are the tracks:


1Sailing – The Sutherland Brothers / Rod Stewart3:14
2I Dream Of Jeannie – Theme3:56
3Love Hurts – Everly Brothers  0:32
4Lonesome Road – Traditional2:04
5Bird On A Wire – Leonard Cohen3:41
6Purple Rain – Prince3:48
7Swallow Strings – Stina Nordenstam1:08
8Like A Swallow – Traditional2:44
9Reason To Believe – Tim Hardin4:10
10I Came So Far For Beauty – Leonard Cohen4:01
11Come To Me – Stina Nordenstam3:28
12People Are Strange –The Doors3:35

All of her albums are available on popular streaming sites so go and discover if anything you’ve heard here appeals to you in any way.

To finish, there is a video available of a young Nordenstam not being typically Nordenstam from 1989, before her first album was released, here it is, the girl can sing.

Further Charity Shop Adventures

So yes, I have again been in the charity shops but a different town this time. It is best to leave 2 to 4 weeks between visits so that some new stuff comes in, although a couple of shops I usually visit have stopped stocking CD’s at all and replaced them with greeting cards, I guess it must be more lucrative, less hassle.

As always I’ll pick up anything that is remotely interesting and this time I had a pretty full bag having also found an lp for £1:

The back cover isn’t great but the rest of it is VG+ and plays nicely. So that was good as nowadays it is very slim pickings in the vinyl bins, unless you are a big Easy Listening fan that is.

This visit did include Oxfam, who are much more expensive than other shops, with some of the CD’s being at almost full price, but I don’t go over £1.99 there and usually not over £0.99 a disc (the Oxfam in the picture is the actual Oxfam I go to). Anyway, here is what I got:

[Dave, the Graham Coxon is a duplicate, so yours effectively].

So, standout finds for me where Kendrick Lemar, Roots Manuva & Nick Cave but there’s plenty of listening pleasure there to get me ears into. I can’t remember what I played first, it may have been ‘Halsey’ as the shop assistant in the British Heart Foundation said it was really good and that she had a copy. Last time nobody guessed which one I played first, so I’ll tell you, it was The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook.

What Does A Tenner Get You?

Armed with a £10 note, that didn’t have David Tennant’s face on it, I popped into a couple of charity shops today and walked away with 24 CD’s. Before you do the difficult arithmetic, I’ll save you the trouble, it’s about £0.42 a CD. As ever with these things there is not a great deal of quality control and I’ll pick up anything that I find moderately interesting, but several of these I’m really very pleased to have picked up.

Ten points to Gryffindor if you can guess which was the first I played.

The Tip

I had to drop some rubbish and recycling off at the local tip yesterday. They have a portacabin there which sells things that people have thrown away so I popped in for a little look. It is organised chaos to be honest but I found three piles of records, all seemingly by Max Bygraves, and several areas where CD’s had been piled (One was in a plastic box outside and had been rained on quite extensively, so I didn’t look in there). There were probably 300 CD’s in total, many of the usual one finds in charity shops and some that you don’t see so often. I picked out 20 and then put 8 back as they had no CD’s in them.

These are what I picked up, £4 for 12 CD’s. I wasn’t necessarily desperate to get all of them but at that price why not? These would probabaly go to landfill had I not taken them and each is worth £0.33 for at least one listen, and I’ll get more than that out of them.

Charity Shops Haul

Popped into town and two of the 4 charity shops had some new stock. As always, anything even remotely interesting found its way into my bag, taste doesn’t factor. Here is what I got today (Along with Genesis – We Can’t Dance, which I just realised isn’t in the picture)

I was really pleased to find the Coltrane in particular but there were several that one doesn’t see often, the Daft Punk, Sundays (which was in the wrong cover sadly), Gabriel, Nirvana, Bjork, Talk Talk, to name some, overall a really decent bag full.

Today I’ve listened to Deacon Blue, Skunk Anansie and R.E.M. Just listening to the first Daft Punk now.

Charity Shop Catch Up

I have been popping into the Charity Shops every now and again over the last several weeks and have, since the last time I posted about them, picked up 158 CD’s at an average of £0.33 each, so costing £52.14 in total. If I see something even remotely interesting then I get it, taste doesn’t really enter into the decision making process. So here is a list, don’t judge me, well do, but know I don’t care.

Tony BennettThe Essential Tony Bennett (A Retrospective)
VariousMore Music To Watch Girls By
The ProdigyThe Fat Of The Land
Bat For LashesFur And Gold
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour
Youssou N’DourThe Guide (Wommat)
Ladysmith Black MambazoThe Best Of (The Star And The Wiseman)
Joe JacksonStepping Out – The Very Best Of Joe Jackson
CatatoniaPaper Scissors Stone
Van MorrisonBack On Top
Suzanne VegaSuzanne Vega
Amy WinehouseFrank
Depeche ModePlaying The Angel
EminemThe Marshall Mathers LP
The GossipStanding In The Way Of Control
Afro Celt Sound SystemVolume 2 : Release 
Rufus WainwrightWant
Nina SimoneThe Very Best Of
Kaiser ChiefsYours Truly, Angry Mob
Lacuna CoilKarmacode
ABCThe Look Of Love
The JamAll Mod Cons
Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere
KasabianWest Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
The Divine ComedyA Secret History: The Best Of The Divine Comedy
Prefab SproutThe Best Of Prefab Sprout: A Life Of Surprises
Boy Kill BoyCivilian
Panic! At The DiscoA Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
Dirty Pretty ThingsWaterloo To Anywhere
Groove ArmadaVertigo
Haim (2)Days Are Gone
Cypress HillLos Grandes Éxitos En Español
MorrisseySouthpaw Grammar
Basement JaxxCrazy Itch Radio
Space (4)Spiders
Space (4)Tin Planet
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubTake Them On, On Your Own
Queens Of The Stone AgeSongs For The Deaf
Martin GrechOpen Heart Zoo
The WeekndBeauty Behind The Madness
Andrea BocelliCieli Di Toscana
Aimee MannMagnolia – Music From The Motion Picture
Ne-YoYear Of The Gentleman
Damian MarleyWelcome To Jamrock
MadonnaI’m Breathless (Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy)
No DoubtPush And Shove
Lady GagaThe Fame Monster
We Are ScientistsWith Love And Squalor
R.E.M.Automatic For The People
TimbalandTimbaland Presents: Shock Value
The KillersBattle Born
Lady GagaBorn This Way
Lady GagaArtpop
Pearl JamNo Code
Mary J. BligeShare My World
Cesaria EvoraCafé Atlantico
Angus & Julia StoneDown The Way
Tom JonesGreatest Hits
Sting…All This Time
Beverley KnightWho I Am
Beverley KnightVoice: The Best Of Beverley Knight
JamiroquaiA Funk Odyssey
Oasis (2)The Masterplan
Bran Van 3000Glee
EmbraceDrawn From Memory
JamiroquaiHigh Times (Singles 1992–2006)
GallianoThe Plot Thickens
Joe CockerJoe Cocker’s Greatest Hits
ABBAGold (Greatest Hits)
Macy GrayThe Trouble With Being Myself
Eva CassidySongbird
VariousKill Bill Vol. 1 – Original Soundtrack
Sigur RosMeð Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust
Sigur RosHvarf Heim
Kate BushAerial
Sigur RosInni
SuedeHead Music
Phil CollinsHello, I Must Be Going!
Sigur RosTakk…
Charlotte GainsbourgRest
The StrokesFirst Impressions Of Earth
Sigur RosÁgætis Byrjun
PlaceboBattle For The Sun
Everything EverythingGet To Heaven
MGMTOracular Spectacular
The XXxx
Ian BrownThe Greatest
Stevie WonderThe Definitive Collection
Pearl JamLet’s Play Two
The Flaming LipsAt War With The Mystics
The Divine ComedyCasanova
Manic Street PreachersGold Against The Soul
The ClashLondon Calling
Primal ScreamRiot City Blues
Pink FloydWish You Were Here
Prince & The New Power GenerationDiamonds And Pearls
Pearl JamPearl Jam
MadonnaAmerican Life
FeistThe Reminder
Fleetwood MacTango In The Night
The ClashThe Singles
Sex PistolsKiss This
The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Simple MindsNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Peter GabrielSo
Big CountryThe Crossing
Siouxsie & The BansheesTwice Upon A Time – The Singles
Bob Marley & The WailersLegend (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers)
GenesisInvisible Touch
PJ HarveyLet England Shake
Buena Vista Social ClubBuena Vista Social Club
Two Door Cinema ClubTourist History
EaglesThe Very Best Of The Eagles
Timo MaasLoud
The StrokesRoom On Fire
Manic Street PreachersForever Delayed (The Greatest Hits)
Ryan AdamsAshes & Fire
The KillersSawdust
Steely DanShowbiz Kids (The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. FlyThe Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkThe Best Of OMD
Cherry GhostThirst For Romance
Lou Reed & The Velvet UndergroundThe Best Of Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground
Artful DodgerIt’s All About The Stragglers
RumerSeasons Of My Soul
Haim (2)Something To Tell You
The KillersSam’s Town
Sophie Ellis-BextorRead My Lips
Andrea BocelliAria – The Opera Album
Turin BrakesEther Song
Snow PatrolFallen Empires
Kaiser ChiefsThe Future Is Medieval
Snoop DoggR & G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece
Turin BrakesJackInABox
Gwen StefaniLove.Angel.Music.Baby.
VariousSaturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Sound Track)
Prefuse 73Surrounded By Silence
INXSElegantly Wasted
MorrisseyYou Are The Quarry
U2No Line On The Horizon
U2How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
David GrayLost Songs 95-98
Prefuse 73Security Screenings

We need to talk about Martin…….

Back in 2002 I bought the album Open Heart Zoo by Martin Gretch having heard a song of his somewhere, Dave might remember where (Hi Dave). Back then I thought it was a rather brilliant album. I have no idea where my original copy is, I may have sold it, given it away, lost it or it could be in a box somewhere, it’s a mystery, a rather boring one, but a mystery nonetheless.

Today I was in a charity shop and there was a copy sitting on the shelf, which was a delightful surprise as I had pretty much forgotten about it. I listened to the whole album on the drive home from work and I can confirm my original assessment was correct, it is rather brilliant. If I were to take Radiohead and Peter Gabriel and put them in a blender, it would make a terrible mess and I would probably end up in jail, however, the sound that would result would be a new flavour that encompassed both.

Because I can’t really rely on Dave to remember I looked it up and discovered that the track “Open Heart Zoo” (written when he was 15 years old) was featured on a Lexus advert on British TV in 2002. This sounds vaguely familiar so let’s go with that.

As far as I can tell there was only 1 video created for tracks from this album, for the title track, here it is:


Here It Comes5:02
Open Heart Zoo5:21
Only One Listening4:51
Catch Up3:46
Death Of A Loved One6:30
Ill (Demo)3:51

Now there is an issue with Martin, he hasn’t released anything for bloody ages. As far as I can tell he has had an album ready for release for at least 2 years but, for a number of reasons, is unable to release it. There are 2 albums I’ve never listened to though, the last one released in 2007, and I can’t decide whether to get them or listen to them online as there is no vinyl version of anything. I’ll probably do a little of both.

I listen to a lot of music and I have difficulty understanding why Martin Grech isn’t a huge star when others, whose output is quite sub-standard, are. I do see him guesting on a few things but, for reasons unknown to me, he hasn’t released anything for 12 years. Maybe that is the roadblock to superstardom, and let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t be as keen if he was, fickle music fan that I am.

Here is the album, if you have the time, have a listen, I genuinely think it is worth it and I will soon be doing a best albums of 2002 list, this will be in it.

Speaking of guesting on some tracks, give this one a go, it’s a corker!

Even more charity store shopping

I haven’t been able to update much so far this year as I still don’t have my MacBook back, and it doesn’t seem likely that I will ever see it again. The temporary solution of lending it to my son appears to have become a permanent one.

Anyway, I’ve been charity store shopping for CD’s on quite a regular basis this year and have been buying CD’s that I would normally not consider. At 3 for £1 it makes it easier to do that. One listen at 33p and you’ve pretty much made your money back, sort of. So here are the ones I picked up yesterday on a trawl of 7 shops.

Going to the same charity shops repeatedly does have diminishing returns so whenever I go to a new town, or somewhere I don’t often go, then popping in to shops I don’t get to go to often is becoming a must. Part of the reason is that an album, a vinyl one, can be anywhere from £15 to £30 whereas the CD’s above were £11 for all of them so for te moment, while I am perhaps not as flush as usual, they are a useful alternative and fulfil my slightly obsessive need for new music.

Andrea BocelliSogno
Beth OrtonTrailer Park
Shawn ColvinA Few Small Repairs
Tom McRaeJust Like Blood
Disclosure (3)Settle
Everything But The GirlWalking Wounded
Emeli SandeOur Version Of Events
Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes
Kaiser ChiefsEmployment
Bloc PartySilent Alarm Remixed
ElbowThe Seldom Seen Kid
Robert Plant | Alison KraussRaising Sand
Skunk AnansieParanoid & Sunburnt
EurythmicsGreatest Hits
Boards Of CanadaMusic Has The Right To Children
Boards Of CanadaThe Campfire Headphase
The Chemical BrothersRemixes
LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening
Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (II)
James BrownSex Machine: The Very Best Of James Brown
Leon BridgesComing Home
MorcheebaBig Calm
The GlimmersDJ-Kicks
Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles
Aphex TwinDrukqs
Alanis MorissetteSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie
KeaneUnder The Iron Sea
Ryan Adams1989
The GlimmersFabricLive.31

Return To Charity Shops II

Popped into Banbury on the way home from work the other day and picked up some decent CD’s. One shop had 5 for £1 so the below 19 CD’s worked out at about £8. I accidently bought a second copy of the Franz Ferdinand debut and Different Class by Pulp as Discogs has changed the way it updates your collection. It refreshes everything every time you open it and if you have no reception or poor reception it can take ages or not work at all. Anyway, I couldn’t check to see if I already had them and couldn’t remember. It does mean there were actually 21 CD’s of course.

1Beth OrtonDaybreaker
2GomezLiquid Skin
3Caro EmeraldDeleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor
4Belle & SebastianThe Life Pursuit
5Teenage FanclubThirteen
6The BeesFree The Bees
7VariousReservoir Dogs – Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
8SuedeDog Man Star
9The CharlatansMelting Pot
10DovesLost Sides
11AIRThe Virgin Suicides
12Lightning SeedsPure
13The Blue NileHats
14Black GrapeIt’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah
15The Beta BandBroke / Won
16LeftfieldRhythm And Stealth
17Crowded HouseRecurring Dream:  The Very Best Of Crowded House
18StereophonicsWord Gets Around

Return to the Charity Shops

I took a quick lunchtime trip to the charity shops today and, at first, I thought it was slim pickings, but after some digging I managed to pick up some decent CD’s. They work out at £0.44 each (that’s 27 for £12). At those prices its easy to take risks and I found several albums that just looked interesting or that I had vaguely heard of, so I got them.

1Stealing Sheep – Into The Diamond Sun
2Milagres – Glowing Mouth
3Underworld – Second Toughest In The Infants
4The Ordinary Boys – Brassbound
5Jonquil – Point Of Go
6The Redwalls – De Nova
7The Black Eyed Peas – Elephunk
8The Mooney Suzuki – Alive & Amplified
9Diagrams – Black Light
10INXS – Kick
11The Horrors – Strange House
12Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam
13Tricky – Maxinquaye
14Manic Street Preachers – Lifeblood
15Walter Schreifels – An Open Letter To The Scene
16Kraftwerk – The Mix
17This Mortal Coil – Filigree & Shadow
18The Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust
19Biosphere – Patashnik
20Pulp – This Is Hardcore
21Philip Glass – Glassworks
22R.E.M. – Monster
23Joss Stone – Introducing Joss Stone
24Faithless – The Dance
25Various – True Blood (Music From The HBO Original Series)
26The Feeling – Join With Us
27Basement Jaxx – The Singles

I’m currently listening to Biosphere – Patashnik, which is really very creepy, but I like it.

Some of the others I’ve never heard of but it looked like somebody had donated a set of rather obscure CD’s and I thought I’d give them a go, these being Stealing Sheep, Milagres, Jonquil, The Redwalls and Diagrams. It can be quite rewarding going into something cold, but it can also be the opposite.

Just after Christmas I popped into the local used record store, who don’t really do CD’s but had a box at 4 for £1 so I had a dig through that and came away with these;

1PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love
2The The – Mind Bomb
3The The – Hanky Panky
4The Kills – Keep On Your Mean Side
5Juliette & The Licks – …Like A Bolt Of Lightning
6Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones
7The Fall – Code: Selfish
8Stereophonics – Language.Sex.Violence.Other?
9Supergrass – Supergrass
10Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell
11Santogold – Santogold
12Radiohead – Pablo Honey
13Blakroc – Blakroc
14Manic Street Preachers – This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
15Bent – The Everlasting Blink
16The The – Infected

For £4 I was quite pleased, an emotion enhanced by the £15.99 HMV stickers on some of the CD’s.

The week before that I visited several charity shops in Banbury and picked up these:

1Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun
2Tori Amos – Tales Of A Librarian (A Tori Amos Collection)
3Blur – Leisure
4Radiohead – Kid A
5Blur – 13
6Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed
7Plaid – Spokes
8Moloko – I Am Not A Doctor
9Seal – Soul
10Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree
11Morrissey – You Are The Quarry
12Willy Mason – Where The Humans Eat
13Dirty Vegas – Dirty Vegas
14Paul Weller – Heliocentric
15Robyn – Body Talk
16Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus
17Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3
18Mystery Jets – Making Dens
19Kate Nash – Made Of Bricks
20Justin Timberlake – Justified
21Eminem – Encore
22Editors – The Back Room
23Turin Brakes – The Optimist  LP
24The Psychedelic Furs – Heaven (The Best Of The Psychedelic Furs)
25Michael Bubl̩ РCrazy Love
26Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D
27Gorillaz – Demon Days
28Jarvis Cocker – The Jarvis Cocker Record
29White Town – Women In Technology
30Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium
31Cast – All Change
32The Hoosiers – & The Trick To Life
33Oasis (2) – Don’t Believe The Truth
34George Michael – Patience
35The Beatles – 1
36Various – Juno (Music From The Motion Picture)
37Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
38Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts
39Kasabian – Empire
40Suede – Singles

I can’t remember quite how much they were now, about £18 I think and there are many there I never would have picked up at full price but the album that I think I was most pleased with out of this lot was
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus.

I think it has now become a thing that, wherever I may be, I will pop into charity shops and have a dig around to see what CD’s they have on offer, there are often a lot of surprises waiting.

The Rise and Decline and Rise of Compact Discs

Like many people I made the switch from Vinyl to CD’s when I was told that vinyl was dead, this was a mistake, however, as I played CD’s less and less and used MP3’s and eventually streaming music services as a replacement for those CD’s, I put them all away in boxes, or gave them away because I didn’t need them anymore. I hadn’t played a CD in years until a few months ago.

Like many people I made the switch from Vinyl to CD’s when I was told that vinyl was dead, this was a mistake, however, as I played CD’s less and less and used MP3’s and eventually streaming music services as a replacement for those CD’s, I put them all away in boxes, or gave them away because I didn’t need them anymore. I hadn’t played a CD in years until a few months ago.

I have a long commute to work and playing music via Bluetooth from my phone was becoming tiresome, mostly because I needed to pick my phone up while driving to do anything like select an album or skip a track, but also because Apple music hates me. The main point for me of Apple Music was not just the wide selection of music available, and there is a lot, but that I could download it for the journey and did not have to stream it and use up all my data plan. For some reason Apple Music chooses to randomly un-download albums and tracks and I have no idea why. If I download an album it will be there, but the next time I go to it, whether it is the next day or the next month, there is only a 50% chance of it still being downloaded. I’ve googled it and been to Apple support and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. As a result I opened one of those boxes of CD’s and took them with me in the car. The results surprised me.

For some reason when listening to a CD I am much more likely to listen to the whole thing without needing to skip tracks or change albums. In fact, I may very well just let it go around again, more than once. I have no idea why this is and can only offer up the possibility that this is how I used to listen to Records and CD’s and am, well, sort of trained to do it that way. 

Now I only had a moderate CD collection left, a couple of hundred or so, and soon ran out of having something I wanted to listen to which, via a circuitous route, led me to wander into a charity shop. I walked out with 30 CD’s. They were 3 for £1! That’s £10 for 30 CD’s, how could I not? At those prices I am not a very discerning buyer, if something looks even moderately interesting there’s a good chance I’ll buy it and get £0.30 of entertainment out of it. 

For the past couple of months I have been making weekly visits to charity shops near work and have been spending an average of £0.38 per CD. I made a list of some, not all of them, but some. Not all of them were for me (Buble’s Christmas Album, for example, is not mine, honestly, it’s not). So the following list of CD’s cost about £53. 

Michael BubleChristmas
Ray LamontagneTrouble
The StreetsA Grand Don’t Come For Free
Plan B (4)The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
SupertrampRetrospectacle (The Supertramp Anthology)
Sheryl CrowThe Very Best Of Sheryl Crow
EminemThe Eminem Show
EminemThe Slim Shady LP 
OutKastSpeakerboxxx / The Love Below
Whitney HoustonThe Greatest Hits
The KooksKonk
Paolo NutiniThese Streets: Festival Edition
Billy TalentBilly Talent
Phil CollinsThe Singles
OasisHeathen Chemistry
Norah JonesNot Too Late
St GermainTourist
DidoLife For Rent
Jack JohnsonTo The Sea
Jack JohnsonIn Between Dreams
Dean MartinThe Very Best Of Dean Martin (The Capitol & Reprise Years)
Red Hot Chili PeppersMother’s Milk
Fun Lovin’ CriminalsCome Find Yourself
The Ting TingsWe Started Nothing
Kula ShakerK
Primal ScreamDirty Hits
FugeesThe Score
Johnny CashThe Essential Johnny Cash
RihannaGood Girl Gone Bad
The ZutonsTired Of Hanging Around
The CoralThe Coral
Gerry RaffertyBaker Street
Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand
Elliott SmithXO
Charles BradleyChanges
David GrayWhite Ladder
FeederEcho Park
FeederComfort In Sound
Jet (2)Get Born
Fun Lovin’ Criminals100% Colombian
The Beach BoysThe Very Best Of The Beach Boys
BlurThe Best Of
Jack JohnsonBrushfire Fairytales
Manic Street PreachersEverything Must Go
Finley QuayeMaverick A Strike
Paloma FaithDo You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
ElbowThe Take Off And Landing Of Everything
Jesus JonesDoubt
The Chemical BrothersPush The Button
The Chemical BrothersBrotherhood
Rufus WainwrightRelease The Stars
The Beautiful SouthCarry On Up The Charts
Kings Of LeonYouth & Young Manhood
The Magic NumbersThe Magic Numbers
Damien Rice9
Jill ScottBeautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2
The VerveUrban Hymns
The VerveUrban Hymns (yeah, I bought it twice by mistake)
David GrayA New Day At Midnight
No DoubtThe Singles 1992 – 2003
Mumford & SonsSigh No More
KeaneHopes And Fears
U2All That You Can’t Leave Behind
New OrderLow-life
MadonnaSomething To Remember
Alanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill
MadonnaRebel Heart
MadonnaRay Of Light
MadonnaGHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)
Blink-182Enema Of The State
Lynyrd SkynyrdThe Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd
J.J. CaleNaturally
Judge Jules & Tall PaulThe Annual 1999 – Millennium Edition
Depeche ModeThe Singles 86>98
SuedeComing Up
AthleteVehicles & Animals
SupergrassI Should Coco
Norah JonesCome Away With Me
Jose GonzalezVeneer
Scissor SistersTa-Dah
James Morrison (2)Songs For You, Truths For Me
Ms. DynamiteA Little Deeper
Scissor SistersScissor Sisters
James Morrison (2)Undiscovered
Eagle-Eye CherryDesireless
Crash Test DummiesGod Shuffled His Feet
Foo FightersWasting Light
Lily AllenIt’s Not Me, It’s You
KT TunstallEye To The Telescope
Barenaked LadiesStunt
Ani DiFrancoReprieve
Kanye WestGraduation
Kanye WestThe College Dropout
Foo FightersThere Is Nothing Left To Lose
Foo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
The Long BlondesSomeone To Drive You Home
The StrokesIs This It
Bright EyesI’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Fatboy SlimYou’ve Come A Long Way, Baby
JamiroquaiTravelling Without Moving
AIRMoon Safari
Jack JohnsonOn And On
Graham CoxonHappiness In Magazines
Zero 7Simple Things
StereophonicsJust Enough Education To Perform
StereophonicsBest Of Stereophonics (Decade In The Sun)
George MichaelOlder
RoyksoppMelody A.M.
AIREverybody Hertz.
Professor GreenAlive Till I’m Dead
The ThrillsSo Much For The City
Soul II SoulVolume IV The Classic Singles 88-93
Manu ChaoClandestino
The KooksInside In / Inside Out
Professor GreenAt Your Inconvenience
Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili PeppersGreatest Hits
a-haGreatest Hits (Headlines And Deadlines – The Hits Of a-ha)
Red Hot Chili PeppersBy The Way + Bonus
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication
Bloc PartySilent Alarm
Bloc PartyA Weekend In The City
Craig DavidSlicker Than Your Average
The White StripesGet Behind Me Satan
Basement JaxxRooty

No need to count them, there are 140 there, many of which I would never bother with but many I’m glad I did. One example would be Suede, I’ve really never bothered with them much but these are two fabulous albums, £0.60 well invested. Also Jose Gonzalez, I really enjoyed that. So if we take an average new price of £9 that would have been a total spend of £1260.00. When I look at it that way it’s crazy. I have about another 150 charity shop purchases that aren’t in the above list so that would have been £2610.00 and I haven’t spent as much as £100.00. To be fair there are a load of albums that I just wouldn’t have bought at full price, but still, it seems like such a bargain. 

I haven’t played them all yet but the ones in Bold are the ones I have and really liked. 

I include the above by Wolfmother because I really liked it. 

The Sony Vaio is the worst laptop ever created

I’ve been away a while due to my lovely macbook being used by my son, who broke his and, as he is now attending University, had to have one. The one he had to have was mine apparently and I have had to resort to using an old Sony Vaio laptop that I replaced with the macbook due to the Vaio being appalling.  The last time I wrote anything here was back in July, not because I had nothing to write but because it take that long for the Vaio to boot up. There is much frustrated swearing occurring in my household and it is entirely Vaio related.

Anyway, I was listening to a CD in the car the other day that I’d picked up in a charity shop for 30p and remembered the first time I’d heard a track for it. I had the TV on a music channel, in the background really as I was doing something else, and a piece of music caught my attention. I won’t keep you in suspense, it was this:

I knew nothing of Kasabian at all, certainly not that they were from Leicester, I thought they were from some Eastern Block country to be truthful, which I think is fair enough, based on the video. I still really like this track, and the whole first album actually, but nothing after the debut. I’ve tried listening to the other albums and there are a few bits and pieces that are OK but it’s mostly a disappointment.

So I appear to be able too post again, subject to the Vaio not being a complete imbecile. I have much to talk about.