1001 Other Albums – 14 – Miles Davis – ‘Round About Midnight

The Birth Of Cool and Kind of Blue were already both taken, but it matters not as this 1957 release is right up there. It wasn’t universally well recieved when initially released with one reviewer suggesting it was just a contractual obligation album and the The Penguin Guide to Jazz said that “the material is fine but somehow fails to cast quite the consistent spell which the Prestige recordings do” and Ralph Berton of The Record Changer called the album “orthodox, middle-of-the-road conservative progressive jazz.” They were both wrong.

Bob Rusch of Cadence wrote, “everything about this date, from the black-and-white cover photo, washed in red, of Miles Davis, removed in thought behind dark glasses, to the performances, is classic. Not surprisingly, careful packaging and exquisite artistry have created a legend and, in this case, one of the essential recordings in the history of recorded music.” I agree with Bob.

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