Further Charity Shop Adventures

So yes, I have again been in the charity shops but a different town this time. It is best to leave 2 to 4 weeks between visits so that some new stuff comes in, although a couple of shops I usually visit have stopped stocking CD’s at all and replaced them with greeting cards, I guess it must be more lucrative, less hassle.

As always I’ll pick up anything that is remotely interesting and this time I had a pretty full bag having also found an lp for £1:

The back cover isn’t great but the rest of it is VG+ and plays nicely. So that was good as nowadays it is very slim pickings in the vinyl bins, unless you are a big Easy Listening fan that is.

This visit did include Oxfam, who are much more expensive than other shops, with some of the CD’s being at almost full price, but I don’t go over £1.99 there and usually not over £0.99 a disc (the Oxfam in the picture is the actual Oxfam I go to). Anyway, here is what I got:

[Dave, the Graham Coxon is a duplicate, so yours effectively].

So, standout finds for me where Kendrick Lemar, Roots Manuva & Nick Cave but there’s plenty of listening pleasure there to get me ears into. I can’t remember what I played first, it may have been ‘Halsey’ as the shop assistant in the British Heart Foundation said it was really good and that she had a copy. Last time nobody guessed which one I played first, so I’ll tell you, it was The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook.

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