Dead Girl

I was tootling around on the internet and found a song I recorded years ago on a site I’d forgotten about. I used to write and record a lot of music, enough that I was approaching almost competent at times, though not that often. I actually sing on this one, although one’s definition of singing may be stretched to the limit here. Checking the metadata on the file it tells me I recorded in 2005, which sounds about right. That picture over there is me around then. Anyway, I thought I’d share it:

Dead Girl – Verian Thomas (2005)

There’s a lot going on in it, much of which is very low in the mix, like me going absolutely mental on guitar on occasions. For anybody who wants to know about the recording it would all have been done on Cubase, the drums would be a programme called BFD. All instruments played by me. The guitar is probably a US Stratocaster (in Sunburst in case you wondered) with bass being an Ibanez Fretless (I still have both of these guitars). For anybody who doesn’t want to know, sorry you had to read that.

I may post some more of this stuff as I find it, but not too much, I know there’s a linit to what people can take!

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