Lamb – The Secret of Letting Go +

I’m a fan of Lamb, both the group and the meat, though I would only put mint sauce on one. I wasn’t looking for it but I found and bought their new album today in HMV. I only popped into for a browse as I don’t really tend to use them much but it was there and I was going to buy it at some point and now seemed reasonable enough.

Though I haven’t had a chance to give it a good listen yet I like it already, which I was expecting as I like everything I’ve heard before, even though there are some nuances in some of the tracks that I haven’t heard them do before, such as the lead single featuring a guest vocal. Here it is:

The track that really grabbed me was the third on the album, for which they also made a video, but it was more a document of the time they spent in Goa than relevant to the actual song so I’ve not used it here, I’ve used straight audio instead as the video is distracting, do seek it out if you like but I’d recommend listening to the audio first as it’s a really quite atmospheric and this is lost with the visuals.

After one listen I’m pretty pleased and I think this one will grow on me a I listen more.

in 2017 I was supposed to be going to see Lamb at Manchester Cathedral and Pledge music had a campaign for a live album of the event so I signed up. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go due to work commitments, which was a huge disappointment, but it was nice to receive the album, a triple on three different shades of blue vinyl. It took a year after the gig to arrive but it was worth the wait.


A2God Bless6:55
A3Cotton Wool5:48
B1Trans Fatty Acid5:34
D3What Sound4:20
D4Little Things4:04
E1Ear Parcel6:45
E2We Fall In Love6:16
E3As Satellites Go By4:55
F1Backspace Unwind4:01

I can’t find any video from the gig but here is one from around the same time.

Having seen that I really wish I went as Manchester Cathederal would have been an amazing setting.

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