The Beatles – Hey Jude/Revolution
Apple Records R 5722
1968 UK

I loved the Beatles as a kid, and there’s a lot I still like about them now, however, after hearing it for almost 50 years I bloody hate Hey Jude, all those nah, nah nah, nana nah nah’s bore me senseless, they just go on too long and when McCartney plays it live I am just hoping he will stop soon. So why is it here? Because I love the B-Side of this single, Revolution, it is a single I had when quite young and I played that B-Side over and over again, it just rocks, and I do prefer a Lennon vocal to a McCartney one.

Imagine then, my disappointment when I first heard Revolution No.9, I was expecting a kick ass extended version and I got the cutting room floor tapes randomly glued together. Fortunately I still love this B-Side version, and though the copy I have is rather battered and bruised, it still plays well enough.

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