£30 Spending Spree

Earlier in the week I went to Leamington Record Store (This is the one with used records) and spent £30. This is what I bought for my hard earned cash:

XTC – Go2


This is their debut album and, for me, the stand out track is ‘Are you receiving me?’. In my reviews of all the XTC albums I said the following:

The second album release of 1978 was ‘Go 2’ in October with a Hipgnosis designed cover which deliberately rather underplays everything. Sound wise the tracks are coming from the same place as ‘White Music’, but the songs, while still full of energy, don’t quite match up to the debut and it was possibly rushed, being released only 10 months later having been recorded at Abbey Road Studios between August and September and released in October.

Stand out tracks for me are the single, ‘Are you receiving me?’ and probably ‘Red’. I think it is fair to say that this is an album that is part of the journey to what comes next but is not really their best work. I do like the lyrics to ‘Are you receiving me?’ though, of which there aren’t actually very many but in the 3 minute context of the song it doesn’t seem that way at all.

I gave it a 6.8, I will probably be thinking bout revising that upwards a bit after listening to it more.

The second album in the £30 spending spree was:

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk


Back in 1979 when this came out I really wanted a copy but couldn’t afford it, being 12 years old money was hard to come by. Until this week I have never owned a copy so, although it is an album of varied quality I think, I’m glad to have it.

Tangerine Dream – White Eagle


I do like a bit of Tangerine Dream and this is one I didn’t have (there are many I don’t have as they’ve put a lot of albums out over the years) so it was a welcome addition. Having now listened to it, doubly so, it’s a good one.

Stomu Yamash’ta’s East Wind – One by One


I stumbled across this guy a few months ago and really liked the two albums I picked up so when I saw this it was an instant decision to buy it. I think it’s a soundtrack for a film and is sort of jazz-fusion. Also, the bass player is Hugh Hopper from Soft Machine.

And finally………….

Boney M – Night Flight to Venus


Yeah, I know, I bought it for the Mrs. She loves this stuff and was quite pleased when presented with it.

So that was £30, Well spent I think.

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