My good lady wife wanted to go to a gig, this is a rarity, so I endeavoured to get some tickets, unfortunately they were sold out, however, there were tickets available from secondary sellers.

The tickets were £14 more than the face value price, which was £36, so instead of £72 for two tickets it was £100. Not ideal but I was OK with it. I wanted to get the tickets and understood that there will be a mark up from secondary sellers.

If it had ended there then all would have been fine, except it didn’t. They put a countdown clock on your order of 6 minutes and the pressure builds as you move through each form on the site and try and book your tickets. When you get to the end and have about 80 seconds left you are presented with the final total, which should be £100 right? Nope. There is a £5 charge for posting each ticket, even though they are in the same envelope and then, just to slap you around the face with a wet fish, there is a booking fee of £17, per ticket. PER TICKET! So that £72 face value ramps up to £144. So, essentially, it is 2 tickets for the price of 4, what a bargain.

I shouldn’t have, I hated doing it, but I bought them. She who must be obeyed would have been displeased with me had I not, but damn I begrudge submitting to Viagogo’s daylight robbery. I don’t even want to see the band I bought tickets for very much.

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