SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land

Let’s go all the way back to 2014, ahh it only seems like yesterday, or about 4 years, same difference. An album came out by SBTRKT (Subtract) and I streamed it a lot because i liked it very much A track had come up on Spotify when I was shuffling in a music discovery sort of way and I added it to a playlist and ended up listening to the whole album.

I saw the ‘Deluxe’ version of the album in the now closed record store ‘Head’ in town and resisted buying it every time, mostly because it was expensive, somewhere around the £25 mark, maybe a bit more although they had the non-deluxe version as well and my indecision resulted in me buying neither.


I was at a record fair in Oxford with Dave a couple of weekends ago, this is Dave a few months ago in the late 1980’s:


[Original image removed on request of Dave] Anyway, one of the stalls had the SBTRKT album, deluxe version, for £12, still in shrink wrap but opened. So, obviously I bought it. I’m listening to it now in a Starbucks, not the record obviously, I have the rare pleasure of sitting in the corner with my MacBook doing a bit of writing and listening to some favourite tunes. What a joy. Last time I remember doing this was about 6 years ago when I was out of work. I should do it more.

Anyway, the track that first got me interested in this album was Higher (ft. Raury), I’ve no idea who Raury is but it’s a fine track:


A1 Day 1
A2 Wonder Where We Land
A3 Lantern
A4 Higher
A5 Day 5
A6 Look Away
A7 Osea
A8 Temporary View
B1 New Dorp. New York.
B2 Everybody Knows
B3 Problem (Solved)
B4 If It Happens
B5 Gon Stay
B6 The Light
B7 Voices In My Head
C1 Forgotten
C2 Paper Cuts
C3 War Drums
C4 Spaced Out
C5 Maybe
C6 Decemberist
D1 Tamagochi

Apparently there’s a full interactive version of the above video at which I am just about to go and check out. Ok, there isn’t, page not found, ah well. Instead, here is the album and what comes with it, which includes a Zoetrope that I haven’t made yet, and possibly won’t, neat idea though:


SBTRKT (aka Aaron Jerome) emerged onto the underground dance scene in 2009. His music was described as house/electro/dubstep fusion and he hid is identity behind a  collection of African tribal face masks. His 2011 debut album was enhanced by a series of  collaborations with the likes of Sampha and Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano. This, his second album brings more guest appearances from A$AP Ferg, Jessie Ware, Ezra Koenig and, again, Sampha (pre his own full debut release and Mercury Music Prize win).

There’s more, Koreless, Denai Moore, Caroline Polachek, Raury, and Warpaint.  Aaron clearly loves a guest spot and so do I actually as the different voices and styles give depth and interest to the tracks on the album while the whole retains the sense of it being from the same artist.

I have listened to this album maybe 20 times now and each time I seem to discover something new that I like, or something I just missed on the previous listens.

I shall be looking out for his other releases.

Rating: 9.0

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