The Used Record Store

I popped into the used record store today, just for 20 minutes, and left with 12 albums. It was speed digging and I could have spent longer but I had other things to do and had to get a move on. They had 9 racks of £2 an album and I had 20 at one pint that I was going to buy, whittled it down and ended up with 12 albums for £30. At those sort of prices it allows me to pick up things that I perhaps normally wouldn’t or to try something I don’t know. This is what I got for my £30:

UB40 – Present Arms
I have said for a very long time that they only made one good album, and this isn’t it, but I like ‘One In Ten’ so will give it a go.

The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot

I’ve seen this pop up all over the place but I know nothing about it so it’s a shot in the dark. I just put it on, the opening 60 seconds sound good, I hope the rest is also.

Madness – Absolutely

I like Madness, everybody should.

Prefab Sprout – Swoon

I have Steve McQueen and like that but haven’t listened to this, so worth a go.

ABC – Beauty Stab

‘Lexicon of Love’ is a brilliant album, but I know nothing off this one so it is very much worth a go, an no great issue if it is crap.

Simon & Garfunkel – The Graduate Soundtrack

Because I don’t have it and it ticks lots of boxes, I like soundtracks, I have most of the other Simon & Garfunkel albums so, all good.

Harry Nilsson – A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night & Nilsson Schmilsson

Two Nilsson albums here, I know some of the tracks but have never really listened to much other than the obvious so I thought I’d give these a go.

KD Lang and the Reclines – Absolute Torch & Twang

I picked up a KD Lang album at a record fair for very little last weekend and quite liked it, so this for £2 seemed a reasonable selection.

Sade – Diamond Life

Because it really is very, very good, and I may still, possibly, maybe have a crush on her.

The Tubes – The Tubes

Because I like The Tubes, but have only ever had one 7″ single.

Joni Mitchell – Hejira

Not from the £2 section and the most expensive of all these, but in great condition and one I was missing.

All in all pretty pleased with that very quick trip. Here they are in video form:





6 thoughts on “The Used Record Store”

  1. I don’t lnow how you do it! How do you have time to ”pop into” record shops, listen to the goodies that you find and keep the blog posts coming thick and fast. What fuel do you use?
    My wife has put a total embargo on me coming home with any more records. She thought I was cured when I sold my 5000+ collection of albums, singles, CDs and posters five years ago. But I kept my collections of album cover art and have been adding to them since. But now she says it’s got to stop!

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  2. Ahh, cunning planning, usually when my good lady wife needs to go shopping I will always suggest somewhere with a record shop, then when I am clearly bored of looking at shoes and annoying here I will skulk off to the record shop. There will come a point when she will want the dining room back I’m sure, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes, though I’m not sure how! 5000+, selling that would break my heart 😦

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  3. Well, I got a roof over my head in exchange for the collection and as I had it all nicely catalogued on two Internet sites, I can still botanize and play my favourites via Spotify.


  4. To be honest some of my records have never been played. Bought them, streamed them, filed them. There’s not enough hours in the day to play all of them regularly.

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  5. I used to have difficulty tearing off the plastic shrink wrap from new albums (classic obessional compulsive trait). So I would occasionally buy two copies of an album so that I could save one copy unopened. Isn’t that sick?


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