Well I Never – Graph

So I have come to the end of my look back at the albums of XTC, there are others that weren’t  included but I don’t have anything after 1992 and am yet to get anything by side project ‘The Dukes of Stratosphere’, so these are the main albums with the rating for the 10 albums included in graph and table form. Here for your enjoyment and, possibly, disagreement is the bar chart:


There are probably some controversial ratings in there, certainly Big Express is always rated as the worst XTC album a  lot of the time, but not by me. I think, with any body of work, how an individual rates them, if they are stupid enough to do such a thing, often depends on what you heard first or how old you were at the time and so on. I know a lot of people really rate Go 2, and I like it but not as much as I like the other releases. It’s all opinion and many people will consider mine wrong, but that’s ok, I think the same of theirs.


Let’s finish with a gig, this one is Rockpalast from 1982:


Respectable Street –  Towers of London  – Runaways  – Jason and the Argonauts  – Burning With Optimism’s Flames – -Snowman  – Ball And Chain – -Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me) – No Thugs In Our House – Senses Working Overtime – Making Plans For Nigel – Living Through Another Cuba – Generals and Majors – Real By Reel  – Life Begins At The Hop

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