Better luck today

Went to a market which had a record stall and to a record fair. Both were small and didn’t have much that was for me but I did manage to pick up a few things, I also met up with Handsome Dave, he calls himself that, nobody else does:


Oh, and this, which is very nice condition:


So having drawn several blanks over the last couple of weeks I feel better now having fed my addiction, which should keep it at maneagable levels for a little while at least.


One thought on “Better luck today”

  1. Yes good time had by all. Pity about the weather. Please tell Pip the pyramids are not in Cyprus.
    You can not beat any Steely Dan album…When I checked my iPod
    library… I couldn’t believe I had not put that one on. I have now!!! Along with my new Eels and Bjork purchases.
    Love and light
    PS my photo is horrendous.


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