Vinyl Moon Volume 028: Long Intuition

My second album arrived from Vinyl Moon this week and it is really rather good. Before I go any further I will re-iterate that it is too expensive for a UK subscriber, there, that’s said, no need to mention it again until next time.

VINYL MOON creates an immersive music experience by curating a mix of new songs by emerging artists, pressing them on limited edition vinyl, and packaging them in original artwork record jackets. – This is true, they do, and this months is really a rather lovely thing:

Volume 28 is titled  – Long Intuition.

I don’t think I need describe it much as you can see it in the images I stole from Discogs, saves me doing it myself, but having lovely and interesting packaging is not the whole story of course, what about the music? Well, below are the first three tracks so you can have yourself a listen. I’ve played the album twice all the way through so far and I like it, some great selections.

Full Tracklist

A1 1st Vows All I Hear Is Waves
A2 Instupendo Play Palette
A3 Steven Bamidele You Can’t Put Out This Fire
A4 Jacqui Siu Fluorescent Flowers
A5 Kloyd Balearo
B1 Dr. Doctor Turbulence
B2 Moods Truth
B3 Girlhood Together
B4 Siobhan Sainte Midnight
B5 Shuhandz & High Flown Apex

If you this looks like something you may like yourself, then here’s a link VINYL MOON 

I’ve already paid for the next one but I’m going to play this one several more times before getting my expectations up for that one.

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