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Susumu Yokota ‎– Sakura

Just on Side C.

It’s 18 years old now and sounds like it was recorded yesterday. One of a series of ten landmark albums, reissued on vinyl to celebrate The Leaf Label’s 20th year.
LP includes original CD album in miniature Leaf 20 design card wallet, Leaf catalogue inner sleeves  and spot varnished Leaf 20 logo on front cover.


A1 Saku
A2 Uchu Tanjyo
A3 Hagoromo
B1 Genshi
B2 Gekkoh
B3 Kirakiraboshi
C1 Kodomotachi
C2 Hisen
C3 Tobiume
D1 Naminote
D2 Shinsen
D3 Azukiiro No Kaori

Some tracks sample elements of Harold Budd’s album “The Pavilion of Dreams”. Track two, “Tobiume”, samples the opening track (“Bismillahi ‘Rrahmani ‘Rahim”); track four, “Hagoromo”, features a sample from “Let Us Go Into The House of the Lord/Butterfly Sunday”, and track eleven – “Shinsen” – opens with a sample from “Rosetti Noise/Chrystal Garden and a Coda”.

Track six, “Gekkoh”, features a sample from the opening of Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians”, and also contains elements of Young Marble Giants’ “The Taxi” (from their album Colossal Youth).

Track eight, “Azukiiro No Kaori”, contains samples from the Return to Forever song “Sometime Ago/La Fiesta” from Return to Forever.

Track nine, “Kodomotachi”, features a sample from Joni Mitchell’s song “Songs to Aging Children Come” from Clouds.

Yokota passed away in 2015 after a long illness, but left behind some amazing music.


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