Inner Sleeves

Every now and again I take a look at the inner sleeves that come with albums, the ones that have the other albums available from the label on them. Today I was looking at a Ray Charles album as I was playing it, from 1967, which just happens to be the year I was born. I was so disappointed by what EMI were offering up. Have a look for yourself:


Revolver by the Beatles, fair enough, but some of the others. Ken Dodd – Hits for now and always or Jimmy Shand and his band- Step We Gaily, and a rare Wurzels fronted by Adge Cutler, and don’t get me started on Rolf Bloody Harris.

There is little of interest on this one, although it is still an interesting document of the time. What I tend to do is to have a little scout around to listen to some of the tracks from the albums just to see if ay of it is interesting, from this lot I really like the sound of this:

I listened to Paul Jones – My Way, it’s awful. The Seekers though, well I remember them, and assume they became The New Seekers, they had tight vocal harmonies:

Let’s have a look at the other side:


Wout Steenhouse – Guitars forGirl Friday, Who? What? Never heard of him but apparently EMI thought enough of him to put at least one album out, have a listen:

A bit of Cilla, a bit of Cliff, some Shadows, standard fair I guess, hang on, what’s that top right? Mrs. Mills – Come to my party, wow, I have to find a track from that:

Bloody hell.

The Yardbirds, that must be worth a listen.

Well that’s a bit better. It seems crazy that whoever put this inner cover together thought that some of these bands/acts would appeal to people who were buying a Ray Charles album. Maybe all the albums that came out that month had the same inner, either way, I’m sort of happy to discover Mrs.Mills, that’s hilarious.

Because I know he loves them, here are The Wurzels for Dave:

Let’s finish with a track from Ray, as that’s what I was actually listening to:


2 thoughts on “Inner Sleeves”

  1. Yea pretty shit really.
    I will say this… My Dad had a Mrs Mills album and it was great… He also liked Nat King Cole and Beniamino Gigli to name a few..
    My brother played darts with the Wurzels. However, this was before he crossed the pond and visited the big apple.
    Very interesting and thought provoking.


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