Nosferatu – James Bernard

Back in the summer of 2016 I wrote this:

aaaaaaaaaaand finally, something  a little bit different. A 7″ single, or E.P. really, that came out on Record Store Day this year but was still in the store and, as I am a bit of a sucker for Soundtracks, I really had to pick it up and take it home.

Record Store Day celebrates German cinematic culture this year with this special edition silver colored vinyl 7″ single of ‘Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (translated as Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror) from the 1922 German Expressionist horror film. The original score composed by Hans Erdmann has been lost, and what remains is a reconstitution of the score as it was played in 1922. James Bernard, composer of the soundtracks of many Hammer horror films in the late 1950s and 1960s, has written a score for a reissue. This particular 7” version contains audio performed in 1997 by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine. Limited to 3000 numbered copies.

Side A
Omens of Nosferatu
The Pursuit of Knock

Side B
The Ship of Doom


It’s a wonderful thing and, although it was £7.00 I feel it was worth it and, of course, it wasn’t my money paying for it!

Below is a video that somebody made of it playing on their turntable.


So that was then. The full soundtrack came out and every time I went to the store I saw it but at £32 it was too rich for my blood, until they had a sale and I got it for £10 off. I just played it again this evening, here is a bit of it:

This resulted in the following exchange:

Wife: What’s this? I sounds like murder music

Verian: It is, it’s from the 1922 Nosferatu film, in blood red vinyl.

Wife: Why are you listening to that? Well you can turn it off, I’m putting the telly on.

This is where the extremely cheap bluetooth transmitter that I bought came in handy, it’s not ideal, but it does a job.

The entire film can be watched below, and I’d recommend it, although I am unsure which score was used for it.

You could also watch the film at where it has been the subject of a new sound design, so that it is no longer a silent movie, using Getty Images sound library. To be honest, I think it spoils it as at times it sounds like The Sims, but it was still a clever piece of work.

Album Tracklist

A1 Overture – Omens Of Nosferatu 3:03
A2 Hutter And Ellen 2:11
A3 Ellen’s Disquiet 5:12
A4 Journey To Orlok’s Castle 6:04

B1 In The Castle 5:21
B2 Ellen Sleep-Walks 6:10
B3 Hutter’s Discovery 3:24

C1 Loading The Coffins 3:58
C2 Ellen By The Seashore 3:23
C3 The Ship Of Doom 5:19
C4 Orlok’s Lair 2:43

D1 The Plague 5:55
D2 The Pursuit Of Knock 2:47
D3 The Power Of Orlok / The Death Of Ellen 7:34

Rating: 9.0


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